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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pretty nails

I would definitely go for manicure and pedicure for the pre-wedding photo shoot and on the AD. But wedding manicures are really expensive. With pop up nail art, it is usually at least $100 just for the fingers only. The girls on the forum have got together to purchase some fake nails on I have seen a BTB who posted the picture of her fake nails after sticking it on. It looked so real! She is helping to gather bulk orders so that we can enjoy free shipping charges. Somemore, the seller customises the size of the nails for each of our fingers. We have to measure the width of each of our finger and she will work on the sizes accordingly. And so, I decided to also try it out. Ordered two sets of fake nails and they cost only $19!!

Can use this during CNY

Can use this during photoshoot!

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