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Monday, November 26, 2012

White is the colour

25 Nov 12 Sun
About 1.5 months ago, we went to MBS to look at the different colour themes of the table and chair linen. We didn't like the colour combination of all the tables that we saw. It is strange why nobody wants to adopt the white table and chair combination! Also, we didn't like the backdrop designs that we saw and wanted to look at more backdrops again. We contacted our coordinator Ethereal, who told us that there will be 8 weddings on 25 Nov 12. But she told us that there will be no one who would be using white tables and chairs.

Nonetheless, we decided to go down to take a look. We were very lucky as we chanced upon a white combination! Maybe this couple decided to change to this colour theme at the last minute. We were glad that we were able to see the combination as we have decided that this is the colour to go! How can white ever be wrong right.

The thing about MBS is that it is not a convention centre. So the finishing of the ballroom is not as grand as the other hotels I feel. The backdrops from the standard package look pretty boring. Don't know whether should top up some $$ to make it look more interesting!
Btw, the balloon décor is not part of the standard package.

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