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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The real shoes

Hahha, after visiting Rico that day and realized that I need to buy a proper pair of silver bridal shoes, we started shopping again! This time round, decided to get something from Anna Nucci as they sell lots of variety of bling shoes. Seriously, I wonder when I would wear this again after the wedding as it is too bling - but I really love it after I put my feet in it. This is my most expensive footwear ever at $158.80 (Nike shoes that I bought were also cheaper lor). To make myself feel better that this is a justified amount, I counted the number of crystals in each side. Hahha ya laugh at me. But to my very pleasant encounter, I counted 700 over blings on each side! (but really cant tell right) Yay, and I concluded that my money is justifiably spent.

This pair is 4 inches tall. I would be 183cm after wearing it. But during photoshoot, you need something tall like this to look good, esp if there are shots which show the shoes. I have thought that perhaps I should buy something lower, but if I don't look tall during my wedding, then when should I look tall?! Moreover, since he would still be taller than me, I shouldn't 'waste' it hahah. But the thing about me is that sometimes I still get the nagging feeling in myself to buy a lower pair of heels. Haha, see lor, see whether I will succumb to my own self-thoughts and buy another pair next time oops.

Darling also decided to buy a pair of formal black shoes for himself for the photoshoot and AD. His current pair is already old, so he also has a justified reason to buy. Found this at Pedro, after 15% discount, it's $105.

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