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Sunday, April 21, 2013

MBS Wedding Show

20 Apr 13 Sat
MBS has a complimentary wedding show annually. We missed the last one in July last year (he only proposed end Jul). Wow, those who sign up at the wedding show really saved substantially. If you sign up on that day itself, you get 10% off total bill + many other perks. Oh well.. MBS has new themes and we decided to take a look at the wedding show. Glad that we went there, cos we were able to view and decide on the colour of our table, chairs, ribbons and napkins, menu, card design and wedding favour! The only thing was the theme of the wedding as we still need to go to the 3 florists to understand their package as a whole. Some of them throw in free ROM décor but have less attractive backdrop, while others have backdrop that we really like. Got to discuss further on this.

Backdrop designs. Most of these are premium top up designs, but we think that it looks very off?! The basic designs are better.
If the florists are able to throw in free ROM décor like the below, we will decide to take up the indoor function room for our ROM (indoor is free, outdoor must pay $500). Outdoor is prone to rain in Dec, is humid and we will have to pay extra $500 for audio system as people wouldn't be able to hear us, but the view is definitely better. But after seeing how good an indoor function room can also look like below, it doesn't seem bad after all.

The show also has buffet, dessert trail and cocktail bar for customers. MBS has increased $200++ per table for the 2014 wedding package. Heng, my Dec wedding is the most zhuan already. If we were to get married in 2014, MBS would definitely be out of our reach.


  1. Dear, 10% is for lunch or dinner?

    1. If im not wrong, it was for both. Dont think they will hv a wedding show soon. They just had one recently.