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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tailored Shirts

We went to collect the tailored shirts for darling today. He tailored a shirt for a tuxedo and another normal shirt. We want to recommend this tailor - Grandcity Tailor located at Ubi warehouse factory. Even though it was located at such an ulu place, their shop is filled with customers when we went there twice. If you search the online forums, you would also find good recommendations on them. They have such a long list of customers that we had to wait for 2 months before we could collect these 2 shirts. In terms of pricing, it is also reasonable. He paid $100 for that tuxedo shirt and $70 for the everyday  shirt. The cloth is thick and their measurements are very accurate. The 2 shirts fitted darling to a tee, making him a very satisfied customer. It is usually hard for him to buy a shirt from outside as he has long arms and torso. The usual G2000 would be too short in the sleeves or too loose for his chest if he gets a bigger size. So, definitely would go back to this place if he wants to tailor make a shirt in future.

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