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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Where is my diamond ring?

13 Jul 13 Sat
I had a scare of my life today! I went for a body massage in the afternoon and had to remove my ring. I put the ring into a compartment in my bag, together with my earpiece. Subsequently, I went to a facial shop for some beauty treatment and while waiting for the girl, watched some video on youtube. When I reached home and wanted to put the ring back on my finger, I realized that I could not find it anymore!! Not even after I flipped my bag inside out. Holy holy shit. Don't ask me why I didn't put my ring back on my finger after the massage, it just so happened.

I thought back where my ring could be and it dawned on me that the ring might have dropped at the facial shop when I took out the earpiece. And so, I decided to try my luck and called them even though it was half an hour past their operating hours. Was feeling desperate. You could not imagine how I relived I felt when they said they had a diamond ring with them and were waiting for the owner to call them!! I really owe it to them and should commend that they are very honest people. They could have just pretended nothing happened and sold the ring or smth.

Pheww, I could finally erase the thought of buying a replacement diamond ring. Darling was beside me throughout. He wasn't angry that I misplaced it, just very calmly helped me look for it in my room. It's not really about the money, but  the symbol of our engagement and any other ring wouldn't feel the same. Come to think of it, it has almost been a year since he proposed. I have grown so much attachment to that piece of jewellery such that I felt lost when I forgot to wear it out once. The feeling was like forgetting to bring your phone out. Somehow, when I could feel the ring on my finger everyday, I feel a sense of security, it's something that can't be explained.

So now, a lesson learnt. Will definitely pay more attention to that jewel next time and this shall never ever happen again. My heart cant take it.

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