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Friday, August 9, 2013

Ballroom and Solemnisation Decor

To settle the ballroom and solemnization design, we have to visit the 3 florists that MBS partners. They are June Florist, Sing See Soon and Woodsville. We set aside a Sat to visit all 3 florists together to decide on the florist we want to take. The main thing that will make or break our decision would definitely be the stage design. The second thing would be whether they will throw in free solemnization décor for us.

We first went to June Florist. Their shop is very small and the designs that they have are limited. The sales person also didn't know how to sell their designs, basically quite left us alone to flip the hardcopy pictures in the clear folder. We left after about 10 min.

Second, we went to Woodsville. Also a very small place, but they made use of technology to show us their selection. The pictures were projected using a laptop and there were many folders to look at. The lady who served us, Cecilia was very sincere. She was able to introduce the various designs and the kind of feel that it could create. Most importantly, there were 2 stage designs that caught our eye. Plus a bonus, she agreed to throw in free solemnization décor for us! We didn't confirm immediately as we had not visited Sing See Soon at that point.

Finally, we visited SSS. They only had 1 stage design. The gazebo design that they offer is romantic, but then we will have to stand inside the cage thing when we do the cake-cutting ceremony. Feels a bit caged up. When the salesperson talked to us, we were already more or less decided on going with Woodsville.

So, I contacted Cecilia from Woodsville to settle the stage design that we want, the 8 floral stands for the ballroom, the VIP table flower, the guest table flower, the reception flower and the solemnization décor. Very well, one more thing settled!

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