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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Booked the JP

27 Jul 13 Sat
We need a justice of the peace to help us solemnize our marriage. As I don't know who is good, as usual, the forums are a good source of looking for such information. After searching various forums, you pretty much know which are the more popular JPs around!

People online say that usually the popular ones would not take in any booking more than 3 months before your wedding date. But well, they wont be afraid you see, they would have couples going to them everyday. Would have business no matter how early or late they take a booking. But then there are also people who say that when they approach the JPs at the 3rd month mark before their wedding, they find that the popular JPs were no longer available! Ok, I will definitely take the kiasu route. Hence, I emailed 4 JPs at the end of June. Haha kiasuuu. I emailed Dr Phua Tan Tee, Prof Yu Shi Ming, Peter Lee and Alex Tan Boon Yan.

Dr Phua was very fast, replied in half a day's time to let us know that as our wedding was still far ahead, he could not confirm with us due to his work commitments. Asked us to go back to him in Sep. Though you could tell that it was a template reply, he sounded very sincere. Out of the solemnisers, he is the most popular one and has the most grandfatherly look. But oh well, I cant wait leh.

Prof Yu Shi Ming replied in half a day's time to say that he couldnt commit now. But his reply was made up of 2 short sentences. Sounded cold.

Mr Peter Lee replied in 3 days to ask us to check back with him in 2 weeks time as he might be travelling on our wedding date. When 2 weeks came, he replied to say that he wouldnt be in Singapore from mid Sep to end Dec. However, he recommended two of his friends who could solemnize for us.

Mr Alex Tan took the longest to reply. We waited a week before we got his reply - a yes! That was in the midst of waiting for Peter to get back to us. I agreed before Peter's schedule was out as I wanted to chop chop secure a JP. The feedback about Alex are that he is effectively bilingual, is humorous and can liven up the atmosphere. OK la, settled! He asked us to fix a date with him so that he could sign the consent form for being our JP.

We met him at Marina Mandarin hotel as he had a solemnization there. Very satisfied with the meet up. He went through with us what we would be expect on that day, what his style was, how long the whole thing would take, what we should do and bring, what is the market rate for his transport etc. Very informative and helpful. Also got a good chance to see him in person. He is a very personable young man, eloquent and confident. Apparently, he does this full-time and has his own business, drives a Mercedes. He also shared that he just had 8 solemnisations on that day. Oh wow, easy money right! If you do this everyday, you could earn $800 a day for 2 hours of work!

A picture of him below! Oh btw, he was also the solemniser for Xiaxue.

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