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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Selection of Gowns

Finally done with the selection of AD gowns at Rico! One of the favourite parts of preparing for the wedding is trying of gowns. Love to see myself fit into those pretty long gowns, smth which I wouldn't have an opportunity to do so in future! Haha, but my sister and darl who were there were totally shagged out. Their phone batteries were also all dead. I have 1 wedding gown, 1 evening gown, 1 ROM gown and 1 tea ceremony dress. I took a total of 6 hours to select those gowns. Rico is famous for its elaborate wedding gowns. Their evening gowns are quite limited and the choice is even more limited for tea ceremony wear.

The wedding gown that I have chosen was at their main display and hasn't been worn before. It was love at first sight, except that it has a lack of bling blings in front. My coordinator, Jesline asked me to go buy Swarovski crystals for her to sew on. It costs $210 but I still decided on it anyway as we really like the gown. The crystals were bought at JP's beads shop at B1 of the new wing. For the evening gown, I only had one which I shortlisted. There is a red one (below) which I really like but as it is similar to the cutting of one of my gowns, I reluctantly decided against it. She will also be adding blings to the evening gown that I have chosen.

For the tea ceremony dress, one thing for sure - I am not going to wear a kua! I know it's a once in a lifetime thing, but I prefer smth more modern. So, was looking at their cheongsam range; will also not wear a cheongsam next time ma. But sadly, all their cheongsams were too short for me and I only had one which I could choose. It was a dark green one  (below) and many others said that it is not bright enough for tea. So I went back to Rico and asked to change this gown even though the design is very nice. In the end, my coordinator offered to add lace to a bright cheongsam that I chose to lengthen the whole thing. The design is not as nice as the green gown but oh well, the colour is suitable and I didn't have any others to choose from the very limited selection!
I didn't try a lot of ROM dresses. We decided on one pretty quickly. We couldn't take pictures of all the gowns that I tried except for those confirmed ones. Their rationale is that they are afraid that the competitors will copy their gown designs. Aiyo.. so we could only secretly take pictures. They were very sharp and we weren't able to take many pictures of the gowns. This is another secretly taken pic of a WG that I rejected.
My package also includes 2 mother's dresses and father's jackets. We have also already made 2 separate trips to settle those. So right now, gown selection is considered settled unless I wake up one day not liking my gowns anymore. So right now, got to wait for them to add blings to 2 of my gowns and lace to the cheongsam before going for the final fitting.