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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Si Dian Jin

His mum got some jewelleries for me. We didn't talk about this beforehand, but one fine day, she just said let's go and get some jewellery next weekend. She asked whether my family needs Si Dian Jin. SDJ is a Cantonese custom where the MIL buys 4 types of gold (necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring) for the daughter in law. But in Singapore, we are quite japalang in these customs and people just buy SDJ regardless of their dialect group. To be safe, I didn't want to give a reply until I ask my hokkien cum teochew parents whether there is a need to buy SDJ. In the end they told me no need, but the future MIL still wanted to buy me some stuff.

Alright, so we went shopping at Ion Jewellery Street one sunday. I told them that I didn't like gold as it looks obiang. It is not practical to buy something that you don't like as you wouldn't wear it. I know, everybody tells me that gold is good as it will appreciate. But so what after it appreciates? You mean you will sell the gold? Maybe people in the olden days would pawn the SDJ for cash, but no, I wouldn't pawn things that people give me. So, we decided to look at white gold instead.

After a 3 hour shopping at all the shops in Ion jewellery street, we settled on a diamond necklace and bracelet. Yea, I love diamonds! (3 years ago, I told darl that diamonds are a waste of money.) The necklace is a brilliant rose necklace! From Soo Kee.

The second item was a bracelet from Goldheart. If you notice, I like bracelets and will always wear them when I go out!

Thanks very much for the Er Dian Jin and am feeling fortunate that I was able to choose the designs that I like. But ok la, their taste are not that off as we were able to see eye to eye on the designs that look good on me. Will see when I will wear these diamony jewelleries.

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