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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Collected the cards!

MBS's package includes the printing of wedding invitation cards (most hotels don't) for 70% of your confirmed tables. They only partner one card printing company - American Wedding Treasures located at Jalan Pisang. We went down to their place in end July to select the designs that we want. It didnt take us very long to choose what we want as we are pretty sure what we dont want - red coloured designs and 2 page fold layout as these are very common. Some designs that we didnt take:

We took about one month to confirm the chinese and english wordings, layout, font size, font type. Other things that you need to confirm include the envelope colour, ribbon colour, any extra quantity to print and whether we want additional add ons like stickers.
After you confirm everything, they will need 2 weeks to print. So, it has been 2 weeks and we have finally collected our cards! Haha, really is give ourselves work to do. We chose a design which requires us to tie ribbons. They could help to tie, but that would incur a charge of $1 per piece. We decided to save some money and so, will need to start sorting out the stacks of cards and rolls of ribbons below soon!

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