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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Filing Registration of Marriage

It is 3 months minus 1 day to our wedding - which means, it is time to file for our registration of marriage online! Yes, to get married, you cannot just get someone to solemnize the marriage for you. You got to register your intention to get married at . ROM will process your application and issue you a marriage certificate to collect from their office a few days before your solemnization date. That's when you will collect the certificate for signing on the day of solemnization. You cannot register too early, the most kiasu you can be is 3 months before your solemnization date.

You need to get ready your personal particulars, 2 witness' name and NRIC, the solemniser name and registration number, and your solemnization venue as these will be printed on the cert. Finally you need to pay $26 to complete the transaction. OK, we have officially informed the state that we are going to get married. :):) Only 3 more months!

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