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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Food Tasting

29 Sep 13 Sun
Finally, it's food tasting! Cant imagine, it has been more than one year since we booked the hotel already. There were 9 of us for the food tasting and basically most of the dishes were really good! We were very satisfied, but also had to keep in mind that the hotel would usually do a wow-wow meal during food tasting. The quality of the food may drop on the actual day due to the large quantities that they have to prepare, but we are keeping our fingers crossed!

We decided to change one dish - the crispy garlic chicken as it was too dry. It wasn't that bad, but they preferred something with sauce. One other thing, from 1 Oct 13, MBS no longer serves sharksfin! We had to choose another soup option and for that, we were able to choose 2 out of the 5 alternatives for trying during food tasting. In the end, we didn't choose the bird's nest soup as it was less tasty than the other soup. Shall not be a spoiler and let you know what you will be having for that night. So, will only post pictures of the garlic chicken and bird's nest soup.
All I can say is that the portion of the food is huge and we have 9 dishes of good and exp stuff. So people, better come to my wedding with an empty stomach :)
We also settled our table cloth linen combination for the VIP and guest tables today. So sad, the off-white combi that both darling and I like was rejected by the rest! We think that it is so clean and classic but all of them said that it is not nice. Since it is so, we decided to go by the majority's wishes. The rejected combis:

 We also settled our wedding favours. There were 5 for us to choose and we could choose 2. So depending on where you sit at each table, you would get either one of the designs. Guess which one? There is the photoframe keychain, luggage tag, bag hanger, letter opener, key & lock :)

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