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Sunday, September 22, 2013


The other time I was saying that if you couldn't get enough of photoshoots, you could buy those online deals and take more pictures! But these photos wouldn't be printed into an album, unlike your photoshoots by the bridal studio. So, we decided to print our casual photoshoot pictures into a self-created photobook. And where do we do these? Haha another groupon deal.

It costs $25 to buy the groupon deal from You are able to print 40 pages of photos for a medium sized (A4) album. In the end, we paid a total of $50 to get the photobook printed as we topped up $10 for a bigger size album and $15 for delivery costs. Rather affordable. You are required to download their software before you create the different layout for the 40 pages. The software is very user friendly, but it is really time consuming to do the layout artwork! I spent a total of 10 hours before I am finally satisfied with the 40 pages creation. That also includes downloading photoshop and learning out how to beautify darling's face!

It takes 2 weeks for them to deliver over the photobook and overall, we are satisfied with the product for the amount that we have paid. But, I'm more satisfied with my artwork! When the photobook arrived, I was looking more at my artwork rather than the pictures itself. We think that it is nicer than what our TW bridal studio did for us lor. Sneak pic below!

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