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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Changed the Gowns

After some considerations, I finally decided that I do not like the pink gown that I have chosen for tea ceremony anymore. It is too sexy and is not appropriate for tea. It is also not elegant enough for sending guests off. So, I have decided that I want to change my tea ceremony gown, again. It was also for us to go down to get another jacket for darling as my father doesn't need his jacket anymore. Moreover, they have already added blings to the blue evening gown that I have chosen and it was ready for me to view.

And so, we went down. Jesline told me that I cant change anymore as I have already changed once! There was another customer who wanted my pink gown previously and she turned her down as I have already made a booking. She said that if I want to change, I have to pay $180. Ok fine, actually i'm quite prepared to pay as I really do not like what I have. Hahaa, so in the end, I finally changed to smth that all of us like. One thing is, it isn't really suitable for tea ceremony also, but oh well, at least the colour is suitable. I also don't see anything else that I like on the racks anymore. So, this was the pink sexy gown that I have ditched for smth that you all will see on the AD.

The one that I have chosen to replace this pink gown is also slim cut. Then my coordinator asked why didnt I select a puffy evening gown. I told her that it was because she recommended that with a slim figure, I should choose more slim cut gowns. Out of the 4 gowns, I only have 1 puffy cut and 3 slim cut. So I was like, ok lor, since you asked, I shall look at what puffy cut gowns to choose. Hahhaa, she also didn't say anything and started helping me find smth that is more pong to replace the evening gown below. Originally I didn't really want to ditch the gown below, but because she is willing to let me change the gown for free and because I found smth which I really like and has not been worn before, I have decided to change the below gown too! So, I now have 2 slim and 2 pong gowns.
Alrighty, no more changing of gowns! Also no time to do all these changing already. We now very much like the 4 gowns that I have chosen. :):)

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