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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Naturelle Contact Lens

Today, I did smth which I have never done before. Seeing ple who wear coloured / pupil enlarging contact lens, I was also inspired! Thinking that it should contribute to better photo effect on AD, I have decided to try wearing contact lens! Hahaha, you all must be laughing. This perfect eyesight person want to add misery to her eyes by wearing 0 degrees contact lenses. Try out first ma, the vain port wants to look better on AD. There were various brands and I chose Naturelle as advertised by Sonia Sui as it looked the most natural among the rest.

But omg, how long did you all take to wear contact lens for the first time? I took a total of 30 mins to put in and take out the lenses. Putting it in was damn scary la! I couldn't stop blinking. And my eyes felt tired with those things on. Let me try it on for a few more days, if I cant get used to it, I will just put it one side. See differences, left side is with lenses, right side is without. Actually, got difference meh?? I don't really see the difference actually. Lol, why am I doing this to myself then!

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