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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wedding Invitation Card

Yoohoo, it is time to say that all of us have sent out most of the invitation cards! I love this design so much. It is nothing like your traditional red bomb, but a sweet young thing that you adore simply because the colour resembles tiffany & co's branding. We had like 100 designs to choose from and this one was clearly our choice after flipping through pages and pages of design. We also didn't choose the traditional layout for the Chinese text which are very difficult to read. Most of the people who have received the card also said that it looks good! Very happy with our selection.

But one thing is, it was very tedious having to tie the ribbon for the card and we were lucky to have his mum cut and tie all the ribbons for us.



  1. Hi Li Lin, saw that u r using alan dai for ad photography. Can I request for his contact as I couldn't get him via email? Tks in adv!

    1. Hi there, call him. He always pick up the phone :) 9759 1469