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Friday, December 13, 2013

1 day before - Collect car, packing for AD, thank you speech, vows, song, gatecrash preparation

1 Day before THE Wedding <backdated post>
OMG, it is one day before the wedding. Really couldn't imagine how fast time flies. I finally did the thank you speech one day before the wedding. It wasn't difficult to write that speech, but somehow I just procrastinated to do other things.

We also did the packing for the wedding day. Lots of final items to be added into bags and bags of things to be brought over to MBS.

We collected the Porsche. If you ask me how it feels being in a sports car, haha, not a car-fan me will say that it is rather sama sama leh. Except that the cover can be opened. But being in the passenger seat, it is very sama sama. It was instead a bit stressful to be in the car as I was afraid that we would scratch the car or smth. The insurance excess was $20K. We drove to Rico for them to tie the flowers to the car and also collect the hand bouquet, corsages for parents and ribbons for xiongdi's cars. Our once in a lifetime car:

After this, we rehearsed saying our vows, our thank you speech and practiced our song! Darling went home at about 8pm and ellis and tsai came over to prepare for the gatecrash games for the next day. I couldn't help them at all as I was busy with the gowns and putting on my fake nails. I wanted to sleep early the night before the wedding but again, I didn't know why I was so busy.
But when it came to the point when I was on my bed, I could not sleep at all! I didn't think that I could not sleep as I never had any problems sleeping. Both of us are those who literally fall asleep 1 min after we lie on the bed type. But for that night, both of us could not sleep. Hahaha, what was I thinking? All about the wedding stuff, and I could not not think. I would say that I only slept for 3 hours and woke up at 3.30am. I was a little jittery, a little in disbelief that the day is going to be here, a little in fantasy land thinking of what would happen the next day, a little looking forward to the big day, a little worrying if it would rain the next day or if things would go wrong.
There are just so many things to think about and I wished I had another week more as everything felt like it was done in a rushed manner. It would have been better if things are spaced out and I could just quietly lie down and put on my mask. But no, I had to put on my mask while doing some other things (btw, I put mask 7 consecutive days before the wedding - though I would say there isn't much difference haha). A lot a lot of emotions in me, but I am very glad to have him by my side during the entire week. He is very reassuring and I suddenly see him spring up to action. That helped to ease my stress by a lot and it felt good to have your other half busying tog with you on your life's biggest day. I felt even more emotionally attached to him and I am glad that we have found each other.

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