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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

3 days before - Video shoot, ROM, go MBS, collect MIL gown

3 Days before THE Wedding <backdated post>
It was a busy busy day. We woke up at 5am as we had a date with our videographer to take some casual video shoot at Tuas's lalang field. Didn't know that lalang fields exist in Singapore. But well, at a secluded corner in Tuas, we found that field. It was so beautiful! Our videographer friend wanted to add some casual shots into our AD video so that it would be more interesting. And so, we set off at 6am to that piece of land!

We loved what came out of it even though it was tough doing that shoot! We had to run like 40 over times before he captured what he wanted to capture. The land at the field was not easy to run as there were small bumps on the ground and we find that you will lose your balance easily. Also, the lalang really itches your leg as they poke you as you walk through them. My legs were really itchy after we did a 2.5 hour run there.
After we were done with the lalang field, we went to another part of Tuas to take some rabbit fighting scenes. Then travelled to Chinese Garden to take some picnic shots. The whole thing took us like 7 hours to film! But, we were very satisfied with the outcome when it was shown during the dinner. Will show you all the video when my videographer gives the go ahead.
Next up, we went to pick up his parents before we went to ROM to collect our marriage cert. Our original appointment given by ROM was on 13 Dec but we requested to shift it forward as there were many things to do one day before the wedding too. Just write in and they would be able to accommodate. It was our first time at the ROM (obviously) and we were quite surprised to see so many people there! The entire place was so filled with happy faces and prettily dressed couples, relatives and friends, some to do solemnization there and some to collect the cert. With an appointment, we only had to wait 10 min before it was our turn to collect the cert. Now then we know - you don't sign on your marriage cert, but you do it on a photocopy cert which will be sent back to ROM for records. The copy that we keep is without signature.
And then, we went to MBS to deposit some of the things that we will be need for the wedding dinner. You can check whether your hotel allows you to do that cos if yes, it will save you lots of trouble on the AD. We sent over our candybar items, photo albums and decoration items. We wanted to send over the wines but we forgot about it!
Finally, we went to Rico to collect his parents' gown and suit. It was a busy busy day and we both thought that it shouldn't be this way. We wished that things could go on slower so that we could enjoy the process. But the flow of things today made us feel like we were checking off the to-do list one by one. We still didn't feel like we were getting married! I would have thought that I would be overwhelmed with emotions when we collected the cert, but no, it was too hectic a day!


  1. Hi, may I know the exact location of the photoshoot? Which part of Tuas? hope to hear from you.

    1. Hi there, it is at the end of Tuas South Ave 5.