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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

4 days before - Table Arrangements & Miscellaneous

4 Days before THE Wedding <backdated post>
I am on leave 1 week before and after the wedding. If you could, take this amount of leave as there are just so many things to settle!

One advice for the BTBs, you don't have to start doing the table arrangements early. Do it about 1 week before the big day as there will be many changes along the way. Luckily I started 1 week before as there are changes everyday from when I do up the table arrangements till today. This task isn't as difficult as coming up with the AD schedule, still very manageable as I did it late.

I also touched up the AD schedule, emcee script, wedding vows today before meeting my gfs for a bd dinner celebration and met darling to buy some picnic stuff for tmr's videoshoot. To-do item still: Thank you speech

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