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Sunday, December 29, 2013

MBS Suite

15 Dec 13 Sun
Though tired, we woke up early next day as I did not want to miss the breakfast! They gave us 2 options - one to dine at the Skypark at 57th floor and the other to dine at Rise at the 1st floor. We chose the Skypark! The breakfast option there was limited, the only good thing about eating there was the view. How often could you have this view for breakfast?

After breakfast, we went back to the hotel room to reply to the messages that we could not respond to the night before. I kept thinking about the chain of events that happened the night before and I so wanted to re-live it all over again. Felt very blessed to have the guests whom you are close with spending the most important day of your life with you. Was busy thanking them that I sort of ignored darling haha. After I was done like 2 hours later, we packed up the many things in the room and headed out to the bridal studio. Got to return the gowns to them the very next day after the wedding. Very bu she de! Wont have anymore chance to wear those pretty gowns again :(
We also sent everything back to my house so that we could enjoy the 2nd night stay free of clutter! We finally settled down at our suite at like 6+pm. Yes, MBS orchid suite! Our package comes with one night stay in a deluxe room and another night in a suite. Usually, when the occupancy rate isn't high, they would automatically upgrade you to two night of stay in the suite. But because it is December, they couldn't do that for us. So, we opted to stay in a deluxe room on 14 Dec and suite on 15 Dec as we wouldn't be able to fully use the suite on the first night.
How often can you stay in a suite, at MBS some more. The orchid suite is actually the most junior suite that MBS offers. They have like 4 other suites that are of a higher class than ours. But, it was already a luxury for us. There is a dining room that gives you a view of the gardens by the bay and a living room that gives you a view of the Singapore river. If only the bathtub was bigger. 
Our package also comes with a complimentary meal and a bottle of champagne. We could each order a main course and non-alcoholic drink for in-room dining. This meal would have cost $120 otherwise. It was really shiok to enjoy this kind of luxurious lifestyle, with the person whom you just got married to.
16 Dec 13 Mon
Very fast, it was 2 days after the wedding. I need to repeat, I miss it so so much. We woke up in time to have our buffet breakfast again. This time, we went to eat at Rise. Ahh, food was better at Rise and there were more choices.
After eating, we got changed and went to the infinite pool! Yea, somehow didn't have time to go the day before. Must at least use the pool once before we check out today. I took like 15 min before I could get into the water as it was so cold. I marvel at how people just walk into the pool with no emotions. Pretty pool, good weather.
We checked out at 2.30pm without feeling very sad as we still had a 4 days mini honeymoon waiting for us ahead! Loving it!

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