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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mini Honeymoon at Krabi

17 Dec 13 Tue
Our mini honeymoon starts today! We have decided to go to somewhere for the sake of going somewhere after the wedding as our ultimate goal is Europe in May/June next year. So, we went to somewhere which is relaxing and where we have not been to before - Krabi! It is a very touristy place as most of the people there are caucasians. You hardly see any locals there except for the shop owners, just like another Bali. For people who want nothing much to do except sea sports, laze around, feel the breeze and people watch, this is the place. We prefer Krabi to Bali because of the friendlier Thais and generally, we were in a good and relaxed mood during our 4 days there.

As it is a honeymoon, I booked a hotel with fantastic views! This is Cliff Beach Resort at Aonang. Aonang is a must go city as it is like the town of Krabi.

Our hotel is just located along the beachfront shopping area. We did some shopping at the 2 long stretch of shops along the main road. There's nothing much to buy there as it is all about beachy stuff like bikini, hats, slippers. One very useful find there was the waterproof bag though.
A must have at each meal at Krabi - tom yum soup. Yea, both of us like the sour and spicy taste and was glad to be in thailand for that. We had dinner, dessert and watched a 1 hour song and dance performance by the ladies before ending the short day. They are all so tall and pretty and you couldnt really tell that they are not real women!
18 Dec 13 Wed
Yay, a day trip out to Railey Beach! People all say that the Railey Beach is beautiful and we dedicated the day to laze around at this beach. You got to book a longtail boat to bring you to the beach, a journey that took about 15 min.
And when we reached, we were taken away by the superb view!
We walked around the beach, which actually has nothing but other resorts. We found a cave, some monkeys, a rock climbing area and that's about it.
So, we decided to get into the water. What is going to the beach without going into the sea. The waterproof bag and pouch that we bought the day came to very good use! We were able to bring our phones into the sea and take photos, even underwater photos. Very good for photo people like us.
We spent about 4 hours on the beach before travelling back to Aonang city. Then darling became very excited as it was time for him to rent a bike. It costs only $8 to rent a bike for 24 hours. It has been a long time since he biked but it felt very safe there. There is only 1 main stretch of road and you will not get lost driving around there.
Dinner is pizza and pasta with tom yum soup before we shopped along the same stretch of beachfront shopping again. Cannot stay here for more than 2 nights, there will be nothing to do.
19 Dec 13 Thu
It's checkout time as we moved to another island - Phi Phi island! To travel from Ao Nang to Phi Phi, you got to take a 2 hour ferry. I have heard more than 1 friend recommending this place to me. But this is ok only leh, I find it very commercialised, more so than Aonang as it is an island solely built for tourism! The island is self contained and has lots of hotels and western restaurants to suit the tastes of the westerners.
What do you do there? Again, it's beach time. The sun was so blazing hot and we hid under the umbrella chairs to eat $2.40 magnum, play candy crush for like 1+ hour before heading out to the sea. These chairs are not free ok, you need to pay $6 for each chair. 
The water here is cleaner than that at Railey Beach. And when we wanted to go into the sea, it was low tide and it was so amazing to see that the water never got higher than my belly button even if we walked to the next island.
It was difficult to swim and even walk in the low tide as there were just so many corals at the sand bed. The feet hurts so much when you step onto the corals of different shapes and sizes. We decided to go back to our hotel room and use the swimming pool there. Oh ya forgot to introduce our hotel. We stayed at the Palm Tree Resort and I booked a pool access room. It was so convenient to go to the pool as it was just outside our room!
Dinnertime! Feeling hungry, we decided to eat buffet. It was a bbq buffet which was vonly $12 per pax and includes a mug of beer. More shopping before the day ended.
20 Dec 13 Fri
Sad life. It was the last day of our honeymoon. To go to the airport, you got to catch a 1.5 hour ferry from Phi Phi to Krabi town. We had lunch at Krabi town, walked around and took a cab to the airport. Ah, dont bother going to the airport early as there is nothing in there! There are less than 10 shops inside and outside the departure gates altogether. So, maximise your time outside and dont sit around in the airport. It was a very short trip, but you also cant stay there for a long time, at most 5D4N. We had a good good time there post-wedding and with no disrtuption from the office. I guess any form of holiday would be good.

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