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Monday, December 2, 2013

Red wine

MBS is usually very strict with their alcohol policy. Never have I heard couples successfully bargained for extra bottles of wine or waiver of corkage for their alcohol. In our package, we are entitled to one free bottle of red wine for every table booked and free flow of beer - which already is not bad a deal. But they have offered us something more! This is because our original package comes with sharksfins soup, but starting from 1 Oct, MBS no longer serves sharksfins soup to be in line with their corporate social responsibility policy. We had to choose other soup instead.

As they have changed the terms of the contract, they are offering us a waiver of corkage for 30 bottles of wine that we bring in. We cheer at their good gesture as the original package of 1 bottle of wine per table is definitely not enough. They are selling additional bottles of wine at $57++ each while corkage is $50++ each. So with this waiver, we could purchase our own wine at a cheaper rate outside. We have done our shopping and have bought 30 bottles of wine ourselves. Wine, checked!

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