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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Received the Photos!

3 Jan 14 Fri
Our vendor has sent us our photos for the photobooth! All in all, the guests took 67 pictures. Some were not as well taken as I have said earlier, alv's hair was cut off. But, what is over is over, at least there are still some photos to be kept for memory sake.

9 Jan 14 Thu
As for our actual day photos, Alan has delivered it over to my house. Waa, he took 2000+ photos that day and selected about 400+ for edits. Those selected photos were also printed out into 4R prints. For only $800, we are very happy with his service. He was able to interact with the guests to capture their natural reactions and could deliver the photos so promptly. Even though he is already in his 50s, his energy level doesn't reflect that. He is also very sweet as he delivered a copy of our menu for us! Who would have thought to keep the menu. Only when we saw it did we think that we should have kept it! We would highly recommend him to our friends. :)

Will post the photos in stages!

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