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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wedding Day - Gatecrash and Tea ceremony

14 Dec 13 Sat
Pictures are finally up! No time to do this. I never get sick of looking at these photos :) The full album is at

Preparation for the gatecrash!

Before the groom arrived parents pulled over the veil. It was quite an emotional thing for me.
The groom arrived! Car door opened by my cousin's son.
Sisters and brothers all game for the gatecrash

Games that they played include guessing what the thing was inside the 恐怖箱, if not will kenna wax; eating the 酸甜苦辣 stuff; guessing which kiss mark was mine, if not groom got to kiss the person who kissed the board (no matter how he guessed, the groom would have to kiss my parents and grandma before sisters say that he answered correctly); and using their feet to find the correct key in the ice bucket that could open my house door. The sisters and relatives had a great time enjoying the show while my cousin's boy looked on feeling very sad for the brothers.

A final game before he entered my room. Blew up some balloons, brothers to repeat after the groom when he read the 10 promises to me before he sang 你是我最深爱的人 to me. The brothers had great troubles repeating after 'your money is your money, my money is also your money.'
And he finally met the bride!
Came down to the living room to leave for his place. Was also emotional before leaving my house.
My dad sheltered me out with a red umbrella, and we were off to his house!
And we reached the next destination

 Tea ceremony at his house. Received a diamond necklace from MIL and a gold bracelet from his aunt.

Took some photos before I changed into my red dress. Didnt get a cheongsam as I couldnt find a suitable one. I didnt like Kua too.

Back to my house!
Tea ceremony for my side of the relatives :)
Group photo, thanks to all the relatives who came to our houses so early in the morning!
Time to throw the bouquet.... and Ellis caught it!
Some final shot taken at the garden outside my house, and we were done for the morning session!

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