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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wedding Day - Solemnisation and Dinner

14 Dec 13 Sat
Second part of the day! All thanks to the brothers and sisters who helped us decorate the place and run the entire show. We were able to enjoy the night without too much stress.

Our cocktail reception area. Pretty pretty.
Our ballroom setup
The solemnisation set-up

We followed the angmo style, where my dad walked me in. Ple walk along the isle in churches right, mine was solemnisation. And i could see that he was very happy with this task!
We exchanged vows, exchanged rings and signed on the dotted line. It's official, it's recognised by law, we are married!

It was then time to change into the wedding gown and prepare for the first march in. We were able to start the wedding dinner at 8pm. It was fortunate that our guests were cooperative in coming on time. Waiting to enter the ballroom - we were actually feeling calm.
And, the first march in! It felt magical.

Cake cutting ceremony, followed by the first dish presentation for the suckling pig, before Acoustic Saturday started their performance.
It was then the second march in! Where we sang 最重要的决定。I took a long time to persuade him to sing this with me~

We went up the stage for champagne pouring

And gathered friends and relatives up on stage for yum seng!

And we made a speech. Hahaha, his most dreaded part of the wedding. But too bad, he got to say smth!
We watched a beautiful morning highlight that our videographer put together before we went to take table photos.
Our dinner ended at about 10.45pm. It was a magical magical day. A day that keeps replaying itself in my mind =)


  1. congrats on your wedding! im considering mbs as well.. wanna ask:
    1) does the lack of exclusiveness in mbs an issue? since all the reception will be lined along the same corridor?
    2) how's the service like? and is the food ok? saw mixed reviews online...
    3) can share your package w me? and whose your coordinator?
    4) how much did you pay for the deco? ROM+banquet?
    5) did mbs allow you to bring outside food for the reception?
    thanks so much!!

    1. Hi there,
      1) Hmm, it was one of the concerns that we thought about, but not to worry, when the guests are there, they are there for your wedding. Don't need to care about the other weddings going on. Once they are in your ballroom, it is exclusive.

      2) Service staff were really attentive and professional. And food was superb, trust me, it is like THE thing that all my guests talk about after the dinner. Even up till now, it leaves an impression with them.

      3) Heh, mine was definitely cheaper as I know that MBS increased its package price already. I booked my package in 2012. You may want to wait for their wedding show? They give 10% discount then.

      4) Décor is done by the florist, which is included in the package price for the entire wedding package with MBS.

      5) Yup, I had my own candy bar.

    2. hello! thanks for your reply! :) my coordinator told me that i'm not allowed to bring any outside food in... and so you did not pay for any add-on for the banquet deco? is it sufficient? cos the ballroom is quite big and "empty" - do you have a picture of the whole set-up? hehe thanks!!

    3. Oh really? Maybe they have changed their policy. I was allowed to bring my own food in for the candy bar. They even helped to set up a table for me for my candy bar.

      Yup, I did not pay for any add-on for the décor. OK la, it's not empty. I think it is pretty ok. The pictures are all in this post. You know, I was fretting over what décor, what colour, before the wedding. But on that day itself, I don't even remb myself looking at the décor! It was only when I looked back at the pictures before I realized, oh, so that was how my ballroom looked, and it looked good. So don't worry, don't need to top up for décor, they are expensive and wouldn't add much if you are just topping up a little.

  2. Hi dear, just wondering what was the approximate price package for Acoustic Saturday and do they sing the songs that the guests request for?

    1. Hi there, it depends on how many piece instrument you are getting. For me, I opt for a 3-piece band and emcee. It cost about $1900. You can choose up to 10 songs and they will sing the rest of the songs based on their own song list.