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Monday, April 14, 2014

Aircon, Fridge, Washing Machine, Hob & Nob!

13 Apr 14 Sun
Yes la, settled a small part of shopping for our electrical appliances! Very exciting times. When we were still dating, I find shopping at ikea and best denki very romantic as it signifies the readiness of us wanting to set up a home together. And now, this is happening for real. There are some things which we needed to shop first so that our ID can incorporate the dimensions into his reno.

We have actually shopped for many of these things numerous times at Best Denki, Courts, Harvey Norman and Gain City. After a while, you find that things are around the same price, there could be a promo for the fridge here but discount for aircon there. It became quite difficult to track what and where after a while. Today, we decided to go to millennia walk's Harvey norman as we heard from our ID that they sell nice furniture there. And in the end, we ended up buying a whole of things except furniture.

We have shopped at various places for aircons, and find that the low prices that they always advertise are the most basic units which you would need upgrading. For us, we are looking at system 3 aircon where we need a 24 power unit for the living room, 18 power for the master bedroom and 9 power for the guest room. They say that for aircon, the trusted brands are Mitsubishi and Toshiba. All the places which we go to recommend these 2 brands. Mitsubishi is preferred over Toshiba as it is easiest to remove its parts for cleaning. From all the quotes that we have gotten, the configuration that we need cost +/- $3,200. The price is there one, cant run away from it. And so, we decided to go to marina square's Gain City to take a look as they specialize in selling aircon. They quoted us $3,219 for Mitsubishi Inverter aircon which includes a $150 gain city voucher. Yes la, because of the voucher, they are the cheapest among the rest and because you cant go wrong with a place that specializes in aircon, we decided on them.

They say that for fridge, the trusted brands are Hitachi and Mitsubishi. Call us shallow, but what we looked for in a fridge is its looks. We wanted our fridge to be part of the d├ęcor in our kitchen, and hence decided to buy a white fridge as our kitchen cabinets are white (and fengshui say white is good for kitchen). And this decision is a good one as in the entire fridge market, only Mitsubishi and Fisher & Paykel sell white fridge - it helped us narrow the search. As the latter is too attas, our choice was only limited to Mitsubishi. Gain city's salesperson introduced a Mitsubishi model to us and we compared its price to courts and Harvey Norman, where Gain City is more than $100+ cheaper. We decided to buy the 379 litre fridge at Gain, at $739. Somehow, the picture made the fridge look silver, it's supposed to be pure white.

Washing Machine
And because we are buying a fridge from Gain, they asked if we needed a washing machine. For washing machines, they say that the trusted brands are LG and Hitachi. You need to decide on getting a top load or a front load washing machine. A top load one is easier to reach, takes a shorter time to wash (but also means it's not as clean) but uses more water. A front load one is the opposite of a top load and takes twice as long to wash. Being lazy people, we decided that a top load one (45min to wash) is sufficient. As to the size, if you got to wash the comforter, you need at least a 8.5kg washing machine. Hence, we decided to look at the 9.0kg washing machines. We ultimately chose a 9.0kg LG washing machine at $419. This is $30 cheaper than Harvey and we believe also cheaper than other places. The thing about Gain is that whatever they publish on the price tag, if you buy more from them, they will discount for you. The price that I shared is after their further discount. I wonder if this could be done at other places!

And so, we settled these 3 items at Gain. We only need these like 2-3 months later. So they said that we could first pay a deposit, and if there are promotions later on and we find that the price drop, they would be able to give us the lower price. They also asked us to sign up for a free membership, whereby we are able to earn a 1% rebate on all our purchases. We walked out of Gain feeling accomplished and happy with our deals.

Hob and Nob
We are very clear that we want to get an induction cooker. It is easy to clean, safe, aesthetically pleasing and we don't need to buy gas. We looked around and felt sad that an induction cooker costs about 3 times more than a normal stove. In addition, as we are not going to have 2 rows of kitchen cabinet where the stove is, we got to buy a chimney nob. This is also more expensive than the normal ones. We looked around the big appliances stores and IMM and see that a 2 zone induction pane costs around $1500. Do note that if you buy the pane, you should at most get a 20amp one or you would find that your house would trip whenever you try to cook. Taking this into consideration, the most you could buy is a 2 zone pane. We are ok with this as I don't think I can multitask by cooking so many things at one time.

The usual appliance stores cater only a small section to the hob and nob, but the flagship Harvey Norman at Millenia Walk is different. They have an entire shopfront for this and it was a great shopping experience. We were choosing between Brandt, Bosche and Electrolux, and after hearing the salesman's introduction and promotion, we decided to get Brandt. Brandt's cooker is by Germany and hood by China; Bosche's cooker is by China and hood by France. He said that the hood doesn't usually spoil and recommended Brandt. Moreover, the buttons for the hood is touch screen one, meaning that the oil wouldn't clog up the buttons in future. And the main point, there is a package promotion whereby the Brandt hob and nob costs $1,799 including a $200 NTUC voucher. Yes la, I love vouchers. Since the price was so attractive, we decided on this. Welcome to more? cooking.

Oh ya, I also want to mention this. I have heard many people raving about an airfryer for its simplicity in using and of course, healthier way of cooking. So when Groupon launched a deal on the Philip Airfryer, I bought it without hesistation. I only paid $229 as compared to $269 in stores. It includes a 2 years warranty. Say hello to a lazy way of cooking~
It was a fulfilling weekend!


  1. I can only imagine how hard it was to hop from one shop to another as you looked for the best deal for a reliable unit. I believe your efforts are worth it, since you’ve found a great AC with a price that you can’t resist. Speaking of which, how’s the AC doing nowadays? I hope it has been serving you quite well and without hiccups these past months. Cheers!

    Georgia Fuller @ DayAire

    1. Hi there, cant really comment on this yet as we have yet to move in.

  2. Choosing your appliances and furnishing for your new home is part of the fun! Anyway, those are great choices for appliances, especially the AC unit. How are things doing now? I was able to view your recent posts, and the house looks great. I hope things are doing pretty well with you guys. Thanks for sharing!

    Melody Keller @ Mountaineer Heating & Cooling

  3. How are things doing at your home now? Have you gotten those appliances yet? They seem to be of great quality, and really a must-have in a household — especially the air conditioning and fridge. In any case, I hope everything is doing well nowadays. Thanks for sharing this with us! Have a great day!

    Rosa Nelson @ HVAC Philadelphia