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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lights and Fan

27 Apr 14 Sun
We settled downlights and ceiling fan today! Yes, downlights are pretty common but it is the price that matters. We have shopped at numerous places for downlights and each LED 12W bulb usually costs around $50-60. The whole house requires an average of 25 downlights and lights alone would cost you $1200! We found a place which sells really cheap downlights in the west:

Lighting Garden
252 Jurong East St 24 #01-143
Tel: 68970781

They sell this type of 12W downlight (day/warm) at only $29 each! We came here randomly about one month ago but didn't buy yet as it was still early and we hadn't really done any research on lights. But we now confirm that this is the best deal (well of course there are some who would drive into JB to buy downlights, which cost about RM60 each). All in all, we bought 23 12W downlights ($29 each) and 2 6W downlights ($25 each).

We also require 2 track lights for the entrance and living passageway. Other places usually sell a set of 3 track lights at about $200, but his is only $110.
Next would be the ceiling fan for the living room. The good brands for ceiling fans are KDK, Creststar and Franco. KDK is the most attas brand and is the most expensive. Just so happens, this place that we went sells fans too. They only sell 50" Crestar's new Rainlite model at $380, which includes a lifetime motor warranty, remote control, holder for 2 light bulbs. Specs are here. It's also considered a good buy as other places are selling this at $400ish. But it doesn't include installation, which we could get our contractor to do it.

Afternote: We went back to his shop to get more lights. His 4" T5 is selling at $23 each. We bought 22 pieces for our cove lightings.
We also bought a kitchen LED light (bottom right hand) from him at $160.
Two bathroom light (middle level, right side) at $60 each.
Storeroom and service yard light at $25 each (top white round).
The only outstanding light is the dining light which we have not bought.
25 May 2014 Sun
We finally found our dining light somewhere far away. And you would probably know where it is - Jalan Besar. And guess what, we found that the lights here are also very cheap!
314 Jalan Besar S(208972)
Tel: 62950314
Some of the common lights are 10 over dollars cheaper than the jurong east one. But the jurong east shop sells the cheapest downlight. Wasted that we didn't get the best of the best deal. But oh well, we finally found a dining light here after looking for it at numerous places.
Yup, the 3 black rectangle like tube with crystals in between. Will be great for our black and white dining table. Costs $225.
Total damages for lights and fan is $2,392.


  1. Hihi !! Congrats on your new home!! :) how is the workmanship so far ?? Any hidden cost for your reno?? Thanks in advance!!

  2. Hi there, we have not started on the reno, hence not sure of the workmanship. But nope, there is no hidden cost! Look at my next post on their design.

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