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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Interior Design drawings

1 May 2014 Thu
After about 3 weeks of rework, our ID finally came out with the revised design! I must say that our ID, Ian Chia from Home Concepts is very accommodating and is always patient with our numerous requests for change. And the awesome thing is that we thought that the fengshui arrangements would make our house look awkward, but he was able to come up with great design which puts our mind at ease. Here's the before and afters.

Before living room. We loved this design a lot. The platform for the living area made it a focal point. But FS master said that we got to turn our living and dining area the other way round. And the wall where the above TV is must be cream.
After living room. Dining and living switched position. If we really choose the brick wallpaper, need to find a white version as FS say that side cant be greyish. But I cant really decide between the above brick wall and below plain wall. Howww
Remb the partition wall that we had to build? I thought that it would be an awkward piece of wall but no, our ID made it a really stunning one. So this is the view that you would get when you open our main door. But again, I cant decide which partition wall we should get. He likes the brick one for both though.
And then there is the master bedroom. We originally wanted this kind of neutral toned room:
But FS says that we should have one red wall in the room! So here it is. It took us quite a while to get used to the change. Because of the red wall, we changed the homogenous tiles to laminate flooring. If not the red would be too outstanding.
Our original study area in the master bedroom. But FS says that the direction of the study must be changed. So in the end, we changed it to facing the wall. Still nice la.
And there is the kitchen. We originally had our stove and sink in one row of cabinet. But FS says that they must be on opposite side at 1.5-2ft apart which means that we need to do up 2 rows of cabinet. So from this:

To this:
There is no change to the guest room. No one is sleeping there anyway (for the moment). But we should be changing the white floor tile to grey laminate like the master bedroom.
There is no change to the 2 toilets.
Very pleased with the drawings. Hopefully the end result would be the same!

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