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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Microwave, Rice cooker, Kettle, Pots and Pans

Settled many kitchen buys. We are always on the lookout for deals for electrical appliances. Besides the big electrical stores, you would also find these things sold at departmental stores. So, no lack of choices. We found great deals:

Panasonic Microwave
We started out looking for a microwave, but we then found out that there are some ovens which have multi-purpose functions which would be convenient. So in the end, we looked at those multi-purpose ovens and decided on Panasonic for its price and outlook. The Panasonic inverter technology microwave has addition functions for grilling, toasting and baking food. Cost $369 everywhere. So we went to Isetan one day when it was having a household sale, and bought the oven at a $30 discount + 3 microwavable glassware.

Philips Rice Cooker
Rice cookers look all the same to us. The function is also the same right, cook rice. They are priced the same everywhere. So when we went to Tangs sales yesterday, we decided to buy it after seeing that it is a great deal. The same model had a 20% + 12% Tangs rebate. Originally priced at $109, it only cost $76.70 after discount.
Tefal Water Kettle
Nope, we are not looking at those traditional water kettles which take a long time to boil. Instead, we have decided to buy a hotel style instant water kettle which only has a 1.7 litre capacity. It is sufficient for us, since we will only check-in to the house at night. Similarly the Tangs sales sees a 10% discount + 12% rebate. The kettle costs $63.30 after discount.
Pots and Pans
We don't know what brand is good, so we just go for the popular brands. We have heard of Tefal, so when they had a 20% discount at best denki, we bought 2 frying pans at about $90. At Tangs, we saw a set of 3 WMF pots selling at $89, we just snapped it up. Our pots and pans are a lil more expensive as it has to be compatible for induction cooking.
Yea we really travelled to many places in search of great deals. It's fun! All the weekends are spent on household shopping. All these already cost about $700. We realize that the kitchen costs a lot, more so than the other areas of the house. There are still so many miscellaneous things that we need to buy for the kitchen!

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