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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Start of Reno!

12 May 14 Mon
Yes, our reno has finally started! The fs master advised us to 动土 on 12 May at 6.08am. You didnt see wrongly, it's early in the morning. And it is best if the contractor can immediately start their reno after the dong tu procedure. But as he also expects that no contractor would be able to start work so easily, he told us that it would still be fine if the contractor starts work at 9am.

We did ask if there are any other dates or timing that we could choose from, but the fs master said that the criteria for dong tu date is very stringent. Have to balance the occupants' bazi and the house qi. He said that we are already fortunate that we have a date. He said that if we want to do it on another date, we got to bear the consequences ourselves. Wa, his words were scary and we decided to just listen to him.

So to dong tu, what we need to do is to chip off a certain part of the wall for 5-15min. For us fortunately, this area was at the service yard and the walls are not tiled. It would be easy for the contractor to patch the area back. Imagine if we had to chip off the bathroom wall or smth. He advised that I should avoid renovation this year as rabbits fan tai shui. Good in a sense, I will just leave it to the hubby to settle all these things and just visit the progress of the house on sundays when they are not working. So for this dong tu procedure, darling did it by his lonesome self. But not that I can help much if I were there, how do you actually use a hammer and a chisel?! His master piece:

And after 1 day of reno, we visited the house today (vesak day) and see that they have already done up some wire casing in the living room. OK, evidence that they have really started work.

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