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Monday, July 28, 2014

Reno at 10th week

We came home from our honeymoon feeling excited about our new house. We were overseas when the major works were being put up and Ian promised a swee swee house when we returned. So on the day we touched down, we visited the house right after we unpacked our luggages.

Alright, end result is that everything is done up as expected, but we found numerous rectifications that need to be made. All these are very minor and if you werent a perfectionist, you may have just let it pass. But for me, I would want it to be rectified. Plus the fact that we weren't rushing to move in, so we have plenty of time to rectify. More so when we could not move in during the 7th month, they have 1 more month to do everything up. The rectifications that we requested for include:

- Seal up the unsealed gaps between some pieces of skirting
- Replace the 3 homogenous tiles which had scratches
- Smoothen the sharp edges on the shelves inside the wardrobes
- Fill up some mis-drilled holes on the inside of the wardrobes
- Remove the pen markings on the wardrobes 
- Fill up a patch on the wall beside the master wardrobe

- Fill up 2 nail holes on the living room partition
- Fill up holes on the 2 toilet door frames
- Sand some of the wall which are uneven
- Replace 4 rusty blum hinges
- Replace a kitchen cabinet laminate which had uneven ends
- Fix up the T5 lights in the toilets

Definitely enough time for them to do this in 4 weeks please. When we looked at all these rectifications required, some of it were rather roll-eyed as they are too big to be missed. Some are petty changes to be made, but since they would still be here, why not do everything at once. Cant say that we are totally pissed off at them la, cos the overall reno is still to our liking. Let me show you the pictures. We love the designs a lot, but it needs more touch up to make it perfect. These rectifications if not made, may not even be noticed by most.

Living Room. Our dining table has also arrived and after we placed the dining table in, the living looks so much smaller. Imagine if we add in the sofa.

 The partition wall from the maindoor. The dining table is at the other side of the partition wall.

Our kitchen. 

 Our room! The only red in the entire black-white house. You would be able to see this red from the living room - adds some colour to the house, but not too much.

The wardrobe in the guest room. Wood grained with simple lines. The guest room is overlooking the common bathroom.

The master bedroom's toilet! Love our toilets, a bit like hotel style.

Common toilet. Ignore the blue and red tapes which are to be removed.

So, it does not look bad right. Just some more touch up to be done and we should be able to move in in Sep!

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