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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Reno at ?th week

Last week was supposed to be our handover date for the reno. It was the day where all our furniture arrived and we could happily prepare for move in.

But last week, it was the day where all our furniture indeed arrive, but we found that our vinyl flooring began popping up! Gosh. Imagine having a floor that is uneven and feels airy when you step on it? So we asked our ID what was actually really going on.

He checked on Monday and told us that his workers accidentally used chemical wash when he washed our floor. The chemical must have seeped in between the planks and caused the adhesive below to lose its cause. So now, the reno has to be delayed again until they have rectified our flooring :(:(:(:(

This project has been taking damn long - started in May. He said that the shipment for our vinyl flooring will only come in Oct. Not sure beginning, mid or end. But he said that he will change all the visible parts of the vinyl flooring for us. Meaning anything under the wardrobe and bed will not be changed. It would be a one-day job and he said that we can nevertheless move in first. But sian liao lor, how to move in like that. We want a clean clean perfect house before we actually move in. Not have people come demolishing and rebuilding our flooring when we are in there. Feels so disruptive.

And so now, we just got to wait. Wait until the shipment comes and they rectify before we pay them the outstanding 8K. No, there is no discount for the delay in the project and the disappointment that they have caused. He said that this is the first time something like that has happened. They have used this material for so many houses and we are the only one which saw this happening. Sigh, would you believe him? Oh well, I guess so, if not he wouldn't introduce this to his other clients. He would be spending extra on the materials if he needs to do all these rectification work. If this problem still occurs after we move in, he said that he will still continue to fix it for us. I must have this written down in the contract somewhere.

Would we still recommend him to others? I don't know. Ian now has too many projects on hand. Could tell that he used to be very proactive and responsive, but in the recent months, we need to be the ones to ask him about the status of our reno. But then the thing is, he is accommodative. When we tell him about the defects that we find arising from his reno, he will fix it for us instead of being defensive.

So now, let's just wait.

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