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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Handover at 26th week

16 Nov 2014 Sun
OK, our reno is finally complete. They have fixed the holes at the skirting for us. Though I can still see some holes, heck, I dont care anymore. This has taken too long. He has apologised for the delay and looked sincere for the delay. But the thing is, even though the circumstances were hard to be predicted, a delay is still a delay. We waited 6 months for everything to be settled, as if we are building a bungalow right from scratch. Maybe the next time we move house, we will use tiles instead of vinyl flooring.

We have started moving our things in and periodically cleaning the house. The fengshui has given us an auspicious date to move in: 4 Dec 2014 (Thu). It would be very rush, cos we would be at BKK for a short vacation from 29 Nov - 2 Dec. We will pack on 3 Dec and voila, 4 Dec is move in date! I think it's doable. We dont have a lot of things to move anyway.

For reference on how much it cost to build up a home:

Reno, inclusive of the downlights that you have to buy yourself: $45,000
Furnishing and other miscellaneous stuff: $25,000
Wedding expenses: $15,000
Honeymoon: $15,000
Total: Whopping $100,000

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