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Thursday, December 4, 2014

We have finally moved!

4 Dec 2014 Thu
Our fs master gave us this specific date to move in. A long awaited one, you could say that we have been staying apart for 355 days ever since we got married. Time just flies, we actually couldnt feel that we were married for almost a year. We didnt engage a mover, just moved our things to the house slowly every weekend. The 2 of us didnt have a lot of things to move also. It was pretty easy since this is a new house that we are setting up and you could ask the merchant to deliver the big pieces of furniture to the house directly.

Anyway, so at the appointed time, we were supposed to light up some charcoal in a stove outside the main door. It was exciting while we were looking at the watch tick by to start the procedure once the clock turns to the very minute. We took 3 minutes before we got the fire burning. Thereafter, we had to walk over the fire stove and say auspicious words while walking into the house. Very wang fire, huat ar!

When we were in the house, we were supposed to open all the windows, fan and TV. Soaked some pomelo leafs in a pail of water for 30 min and used the water to clean all your doors. Put 4 bowls of salt at the 4 corners of your house. Put on the bedsheet. On your kitchen stove and cook smth to eat and invite your family over to eat within the second hour of move in! We got help for the last item haha. How to do so many things at one time man.

So, my maid helped to cook and my grandma supervised. My family and mil had a hearty lunch together. It was quite a discovery as it was the first time we figured out the heat involved in using our induction cooker, the trial and error of using our air fryer, the creative way of steaming a big fish because my pan was not big enough and that it doesnt have a lid etc.

After the lunch, our family members left the place and we continued to be busy with house stuff. How does it feel living together you would ask. Well, as of now, it still feels very much like we are on a holiday like it's just the 2 of us living under one roof. There are household chores to do, but all these are very minimal for the moment and you dont feel like they are a chore. Haha, maybe got to wait a while more before we feel that chores are dreadful. But, it's very cosy and it feels at ease being in your own home. It's like, we prefer to stay at home rather than go out now.

But on the other side of the coin, both of us also feel upset! Upset that we are separated from our parents. There is this sense of loss and bu she. Afterall, they have been the ones looking after us for 27-28 years, putting us as the center pieces of their lives and making lives easy for us. Now, we got to do everything ourselves already. And we are also upset that they are upset! Maybe we should go back and stay sometimes. Oh well, let's stop this upsetting moment for now. Share with you the happy things of the day. Presenting to you - our home.

View from main door. The fs master asked us to build a partition wall that blocks the window and the main door or the qi will flow from the main door directly out to the windows. We initially thought that this would make our living room smaller and design awkward, but actually it is really ok. Love this modern corner.

Our proudest place of the house - the living room! It's black and white concept and we love the brightness of the living room.

The second proudest place of the house - the master bedroom! We also initially thought that the red wall would look strange. But no, we actually love the red wall now! It adds colour to our otherwise black and white living room and kitchen.

This is the guest room. We have a built in wardrobe here. Dont know what we will do here, perhaps ironing?

We also like our toilets. After re-doing the sink that HDB gave, building a toilet cabinet, shower screen and installing lights, the feel of the toilet became totally different.

Our kitchen. I think what makes this look modern is the black glass backing? We originally thought that building cabinets on both sides of the kitchen would make it look small and cluttered. But ok leh, we have plenty of storage space and nothing much to put in there haha.

Overall, we love the design of our house. Even though we had to wait 6 months for the house, we are still thankful to our contractor who helped us built such a comfy home.

 And on the very first night of the move in, we had a home cooked dinner! Very easy ones. Put the leftover fish and veg in the microwave and reheat. Open the campbell mushroom soup, add water and boil. Throw some seaweed chicken into the airfryer. Fry the leftover rice and yays, here's our dinner. Cheerios!

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