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Sunday, March 8, 2015

We have reached the next milestone!

8 Mar 2015 Sun
Heh heh, after being silent for so long at this blog, have decided that it's time to break the silence with this news, that aLaL is.... expecting a baby boy! I will now share our baby journey here, so that we can still recount our experience with him when he grows up ^_^

Week 6 (16 Dec 2014)
Ok first of all, on the search for the gynae. Actually we didnt really search for one online as what we wanted was a quick answer. So we went to one which was most convenient for us - a women's clinic at clementi central. We were aware that there are 2 women's clinic at clementi central and decided on SBCC for the very convenient reason that it opens until 7.30pm on tue and fri, and until 5.30pm on sat. We could easily go after work on weekdays on sat than to take leave to see the gynae.

So why did we look for a gynae? For a simple reason that I had missed the period for one month. I did some testing myself using a guardian test stick but the result was negative. I tried 2 times on different days and the result was still negative. So, there was obviously something wrong with me right? So, we made appointment with Dr Ben Choey from SBCC clementi. His clinic is modern and new, great first impression. So, when we went into his consultation room, bonus points! Dr Ben is soooo good looking hahaha. Gave me an additional reason why we should continue seeing him.

Ok, i shall stop being fan-struck and go straight to the consultation. So i explained my situation to him, that i even have pregnancy symptoms at week 6 - nauseous, giddiness, sore boobs, tiredness, but the sticks say no. His simple solution was, ok let's do an ultrasound. I must say that he is a very gentle good looking doctor who doesnt make you feel awkward. And you know what, the next moment the picture appeared on screen, he told me, "you are pregnant."

Ohhhmyygoodddd. Really? I tell you, all the joy in me, all the adrenaline rushed to my head and I couldnt contain my happiness and disbelief. I broke down and cried immediately while still lying down. We are really blessed to be able to receive this good news. I was expecting some bad news like there was something wrong with me and didnt once suspect that i could be pregnant as i believed the test sticks. The surprise and shock and the way how the conversation changed from 5 minutes back made me really emotional. And then he told me, maybe you shouldnt use guardian brand the next time, they are made in china and there is no quality check. I told him, how would i know! The guardian brand sticks were on promotion one for one, so i bought it lor!

So after i got dressed and went back to the consultation table, i got a bit more calm. (btw, alv was calm throughout. i didnt hear any sound from him. He told me that he was focusing on looking at the hilarious me all the time.) So the doctor took out a sheet of paper on all the various tests that we could do in the subsequent weeks. I tell you, i couldnt remember all that he said at that time. My mind was all about the fact that i'm pregnant. This was because i took out the same piece of paper the next day and wondered - when did dr ben circle this, when did he write this word and number, i totally had no clue!

And next, he began calculating the EDD date for us, and to another surprise of ours, our baby is due on national day! Oh wow, double shock, how can be so zhun. It's an honour to be the true blue SG50 baby. I am hopeful that the govt will give some freebies to us if I really deliver on national day hehehhe.

So anyway, i couldnt believe that the guardian test kit failed me and decided to do the test again when i got home. Hahha, cos one for one right, i still had quite a lot of sticks left. And you know what, the stick says that it is positive now. Hahaha oh well, made in china also reliable ok. However, i must say that the colour of the positive lining was very light and perhaps it was too early for the stick to detect the babypreviously.
Size of baby this week: 0.36cm

Week 7
I told my parents about the good news and of course, they were very happy. I could see tears in their eyes when i told them about the pregnancy. I spent about an hour in their room talking about the baby and other pregnancy related things. I could feel this touched feeling in them that their daughter has finally grown up and is ready to be a parent.

Week 8 (30 Dec 2014)
Made an appointment with the gynae as i have so many questions to ask him. I didnt ask any at week 6 given that i was in shock then. Things like what food should i avoid (like do i have to avoid my favourite chilli), whether i can exercise, whether i can do this do that, and most importantly, to repeat what he said when he explained about the tests that i could do subsequently. So to share, he said that pregnant mummies should avoid sharksfin, dang gui and ginseng. All the rest of the things can be eaten in moderation, including coffee. But for the sake of the baby, i have already stopped drinking coffee. I had bad headache the first day i stopped but thankfully, it was better subsequently.

So regarding the tests, i could do an antenatal blood test profile at this visit as it should be done during the first trimester. It is a standard test that all mothers should take which would be submitted to the hospital when I am due for delivery. He scanned me and we saw a really nice bean-shaped baby.
Size of baby this week: 1.76cm

Week 10 (12 Jan 2015)
Today was a nightmare. I thought it would be any other monday, but no, something dramatic happened. I was waiting for a train at buona vista (circle line) to one-north which is my office one stop later. The station was packed and the queue was long as usual. I started feeling giddy when the train for me to board arrived. I ignored the giddiness and continued walking into the train and hell happened. I quickly grabbed to a handrail but my vision gradually disappeared and i started hearing a eeeeee sound in my ears before it totally went silent. I totally blacked out.

It was freak! I blacked out. At that time, i could only remember myself holding tight to the handrail as i knew i cannot fall down. I didnt know how many minutes later, i began to regain my conscious and vision (think watermark colour) and walked towards the reserve seat and told the man that i was very giddy and i needed a seat. That man immediately stood up and i plonged my butt down. First realisation - i technically fainted while standing up, is this really fainting? Second realisation - it was damn scary not being able to see or hear anything. Third realisation - my heart was beating very quickly and i was very hot with cold sweat. Fourth realisation - i did not even know that the train had previously stopped at my office's station. That few minutes of my life got erased just like that. I sat for a few more station on the train before i regained the normal colour vision. I quickly texted darling to come save me.

I got out of the train and went to the next platform to travel back in the opposite direction to my office. The walk to the other platform was also difficult as I could feel that i would faint again if i didnt sit down anytime soon. I was still hot with cold sweat when i reached my one-north station and rested at the chairs on the platform. I didnt dare travel up the escalator as i could feel that i would faint any minute. After his silence since i texted him, I called him to come pick me up (luckily he was on his last day of mc from his wisdom tooth, so he was free). But of course, he got a scolding from me for not replying to my msg after i told him that i fainted. I also texted my boss that i would miss the morning senior management meeting where i had 4 papers to present (yay, lucky me huh). She came down to the mrt platform to wait with me until i felt better and helped me exit the mrt station and went to the pick up point to wait for my hubby.

So of course, when the husband came, the immediate place that we went to was the gynae. The gynae told me that it is common to feel giddy during pregnancy. The solution would be to avoid taking the mrt or just ask for a seat when i'm giddy. If there is no seat, just squat down and i would regain conscious. The blood pressure is lower when one is standing up (esp when i'm tall) and it is a natural body reaction to faint when you are giddy because once you are on the floor, you will regain conscious as the blood pressure will not be low. I am one who naturally has low blood pressure before the pregnancy and has actually fainted once 3 years back on the mrt and 2 other times when i was a child at home. So, the mrt is bad for preggy because it is so packed and badly ventilated. So basically, he told me that i shouldnt worry so much and there is no medicine or whatever for me to eat.

We then scanned to see if baby was ok. Everything was ok, nothing unusual. We took a 3D scan and saw what seemed to be like a smile from the baby that says 'haha mum, how was the adventure?'
Size of baby this week: 3.50cm

Week 11 (24 Jan 2015)
We went to see the gynae as we had earlier booked a date with him to do the non-invasive prenatal chromosomal disorder testing. You know the test that can check whether there is down syndrome and microdeletion syndrome. It can also check the gender of the baby. He offered us Panaroma ($1.7K+) or Harmony ($1.4K). The difference is that Panaroma tests for more things (mainly microdeletion syndromes). Being kiasu, we had earlier already set our eyes on Panaroma. But on that day, he told us that there was a new test that we could take - i forgot the name already though. That same US-based test that is administered by a different compnay tests the same things as Panaroma but costs $1.4K. I was wondering whether we should take it as we were his first patient to do the test. He assured us that it is a realiable test and asked whether we would be interested given that it is more economical. We were ok since we could save some money. He took some blood sample from me and told us that the report would be ready in about 11-14 days' time.
Size of baby this week: 5.44cm

Stay tuned for more updates during the second trimester! =p

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