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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Third Trimester - part 1

Week 29 (30 May 2015)
It's the regular visit to the gynae again! The frequency of the visit has been reduced from once in 4 weeks to once in 3 weeks now. Very happy to know that baby has gained 500+g to 1499g today. Doc says that it is average weight. The baby is also now already facing downwards, which is a good position for the eventual labour in 10 weeks' time. Omg that's superbly fast!

Weight gain: 10kg (omgomg 2 digits)

Week 30 (5 Jun 2015)

Weight gain: 10.8kg

Week 31 (13 Jun 2015)
Holy, time really passed so quickly! Im going to be 8 months pregnant tmr and baby will be full term in 5 weeks' time. Am I excited? How has it been so far? Am I prepared? I dont know! Everything just happened naturally. In the 2 years that I have been with my current company, i got married, i set up our house and i am soon going to deliver a baby. It's a step by step thing that just happened naturally and we just deal with it one step at a time. We go to the gynae visits, we go shopping for baby supplies, we talk to the baby every night and marvel at the response he gives us, we set up his room for him, we think about the name that we will call him, the way we want to discipline him in future, we think about his future.. Life will change completely very soon and we are enjoying whatever time we have left for ourselves now.

How does pregnancy feel? I dont really see what those pregnant women experience on tv. I dont vomit, i dont get sudden cravings to eat smth, i dont ask my hubby to buy certain food for me in the middle of the night (ahem, please know that you are very lucky). The differences that i feel are physical - like having to reconcile the fact that the number on the weighing scale increases everytime i step on it (i have not gained any weight half my life, since i was 14 actually!), my body shape is now different (less defined waist, bulging belly which impedes the visibility to my feet, more defined bust), im repeating my clothes very often as there is a limited number of things i can wear, i have to deal with his sudden jabs and kicks at my right waist, i deal with the difficulty in finding a comfortable sleeping posture, i deal with the frequent trips to the toilet at night and in the day, i deal with the breathelessness that i feel when climbing up stairs, i deal with the difficulty in cutting my toe nails... People tell me that the thing that they miss about their pregnancy are the movements of their baby in their stomach, the self-feeding and self-life-sustaining their babies are minus the crying. i definitely understand what they say and am enjoying every kick that he gives throughout the day, though some may be painful and uncomfortable.

There are many things that im afraid of, like breastfeeding (think engorgement, cracked nipples, sore breasts), ability to know what each cry means, ability to take care of him emotionally and physically, ability to get me-time after the child is born, ability to get back in shape and weight, ability to spend time penning down little things in life on the blog like now, ability to agree with my mil's caring techniques for the baby, ability to get along with her after spending so much time with her and the baby, ability to jagar my work, how! The apprehension is real. Would i be able to adapt with my impending new life??

So right now, whenever i hear a baby cry, i get the immediate realisation that i better enjoy what i have now. Whenever i see small boys running around or hear them screaming from the playground downstairs, i tell myself that this is what i would get very soon and i better appreciate the quietness now. Whenever i wake up at 10+ on saturdays, i count my blessings on the number of such saturdays i have left. Time, please slow down!

Weight gain: 11.5kg

Week 32 (14 Jun 2015)
We went to yet another baby fair at expo! Spent about $500 at this fair. We found good deal for a Sparco car seat. Again, anything related to cars, i know nothing about it. Darling says that Sparco is a brand for sports car and the infant car seat for the baby would be safer than other brands. I agree to the buy mainly because it looks good and there is a promotion haha. FK500K model for infant - 18kg is originally priced at $469. We bought it from the fair at $299. Also found good buys for carter rompers - 3 for $10! We bought another big item - playpon play mat at $180 (L size, 15mm thickness) and bathing towels for him. Yay, we love fairs.

Week 32 (20 Jun 2015)
It's the regular checkup to the gynae. Baby has grown 600g since the past 3 weeks, and is now 2116g! Again, doc says that he is of an average weight. The growth curve that he has plotted so far shows a very nice curve which indicates that baby is growing at a speed that is just nice. Again, we couldnt see him as he was facing downwards. Doubt we would be able to see him again until the actual day when he says 'surprise!'.

Weight gain: 12.0kg

Week 33 (21 Jun 2015)
A&L loves k!

How can we miss him out right. We are waiting for baby k's arrival! What's k??
We have decided on his name :):) He is Keath. Keath Koh!

How did we choose the name? Ha, we wanted a one syllabus name for a boy, more straight to the point. And we chose the name to be starting from K cos of Koh and also cos i have already thought of the name that i want to give our baby daughter (assuming this materialises lol) and her name will start with a K.

Keith came to mind but as it is too common, we decided to look for variations of the name. Search Keath Koh on FB and you will find no one and if you search Keith Koh, hundreds of entries will appear. It is as common as Alvin Koh.... boring. Keath/ Keith means from the battlefield, from the woods. Good for him to be masculine. A regular next time? =p

As for the chinese name, got to wait for him to be born before we ask the fs master for advice.

Week 33 (22 Jun 2015)
Settled the cord blood banking donation! Alright, we have decided not to do cord blood banking even though there is advertisement on this everywhere. Besides the cost involved, the chances of being able to use the cord blood eventually are very low. Since we decided not to bank Keath's cord blood, we have decided to donate it to the Singapore cord blood bank. It is better than throwing it away right.

So i emailed singapore cord blood bank to enquire about the process. Basically what they require is 3 tubes of blood from me on my delivery day. Though i'm scared of the needle, but aiya, i suppose 3 tubes of blood would be drawn fast and just a bit of pain would allow us and Keath to do a good deed, why not. The rep from cord blood bank met me at my workplace during lunchtime today to sign some consent form and interviewed me on my health status so far. The session took about 45 min and yup, i just have to reproduce the consent form on my delivery for them to carry out the procedure.

Weekend shopping for a second bedding set from Robinsons for Keath.

Week 33 (26 Jun 2015)
Settled the postnatal massage. Postnatal massage is damn important because it helps you slim down. Have come across many providers of postnatal massage and googled for reviews. Found out that actually more people recommend freelance masseurs rather than the commercial branches out there. This is this masseur by the name of Ida (9424 9829) who has very good reviews and I also texted her to enquire about her package.

She charges $60 for each 1 hour session regardless of the number of sessions you want to do. The price includes wrapping. For natural birth, she does the massage one week after delivery while for c-sect is one month after delivery. I tried to book her and she gave me a tentative response to contact her after i delivered and she will let me know then whether she is available. Although it's a tentative response, it is better than being rejected. Many said that they were not able to confirm a booking from her as her schedule is full. Luckily there is still some possible slots for my case. If in the event im not able to get her after i deliver, will just call those commercial branches to get a masseur over. It's a must!

Weight gain: 12.5kg

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