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Monday, July 20, 2015

Third Trimester - part 2

Week 33 (27 Jun 2015)
We went for our maternity photoshoot today! I booked a package with Mamamiyo. Went to her studio at Macpherson and had a great time doing the shoot. The studio is very big and the photographer is female. Makes you feel comfy given that you need to bare skin. We brought one set of casual wear and she prepared 3 other sets of photoshoot clothes for me (think tube and sash). It's great to have some memories of tummy pictures being taken because, how often can you get pregnant! Realised that we actually have very few photos tog now that im preggy cos when we take selfie, we cant see the tummy. And we dont really go to fanciful places or holiday anymore and hence no pictures. Booo, so this photoshoot is important.

The entire shoot took about 2 hours and the pictures will be ready for selection in a week's time. Some peekaboo first.


Week 34 (4 Jul 2015)
I feel that I have suddenly ballooned this week! Wore my first maternity dress to work. Saw rapid weight gain. Saw the disappearance of my ankle - feet has become swollen. Have people asking me if I am going to give birth soon (really so big meh!). 

Researched for pediatrician. Our gynae gave us a few names that he recommends but the doctors are located in town and east. Location plays a part man, wouldnt want to travel so far if we need to rush the baby to see the doc. And so, i researched for a pediatrician in the west at the forums. There are mixed reviews for the pediatrician, but for now, we will shortlist these 2 first. Will know whether they are good after we try them out. 

1) Dr Heng Joo Teck (Kidslink)
351 Jurong East St 31
Opens 7-9pm on weekday

2) Anne Baby & Child Clinic
214 Jurong East St 21
Opens till 8pm on weekdays

As for the jabs that Keath is going for, we will just go to the polyclinic. Heard that we could make appointment for that and we wouldnt have to wait so long. Since the jabs are the same anywhere, why not do it at a cheaper rate at a polyclinic. Will only go to a pd if (touchwood) more treatment is required for Keath :)

Weight gain: 13.0kg

Week 35 (10 Jul 2015)
Keath's clothes - washed! Cutie pie!

Went to the gynae for the regular checkup and Streptococcus  B swap today. After 3 weeks, Keath has grown another 600+g. He now weighs a healthy 2785g!

Weight gain: 13.5kg

Week 36 (13 Jul 2015)
We have received our maternity shoot pictures! She took a total of 109 photos for us and our package allows us to choose 10. Here are the 10 that we chose. Pretty, we will do our newborn shoot with Mamamiyo photography also.


Week 36 (16 Jul 2015)
Today felt weird. I kept feeling pulsating pain at the lower front pelvis every few minutes. I dont think it is contractions, but i never know right! My boss told me that contractions can be felt at the lower back and i didnt have that. But as it's the first time i'm feeling this sort of pain, decided to go to the gynae for a check.

Haha, turned out to be nothing. Gynae says that it is just the baby's head bumping at my pelvis. He has not engaged yet though. But you know, the funny thing is, once i left the office, i no longer felt the pain. Must be my smart Keath telling me to stop working and leave the office!

Weight gain: 13.7kg

Week 36 (17 Jul 2015)
More shopping. We went to mothercare and wanted to buy a rocker. Originally priced at $219, mothercare is selling the fisher price rocker at $159. Just as we were about to check out, darling went onto Carousell and found that there were many others selling brand new rocker of the same model at a much cheaper price! We eventually contacted one seller and bought our rocker at $85. This can sit up to 18 kg. Great steal!

Week 37 (20 Jul 2015)
Today felt weird again. I woke up in the middle of the night having a bad stomach, seems like stomach cramps. However, i know it is not labour because there was a lot of air in me. Asked to work from home subsequently and i felt better after the big business is settled. They say that an increased bowel movement signifies the onset of labour? Full term already!

A collage of baby keath's growth in me from month 2 - month 9.

 Weight gain: 14.0kg

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