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Monday, August 3, 2015


Week 37 Day 2 (21 Jul 2015)
I woke up at 5am dreaming that my waterbag broke. But when i opened my eyes, i thought that i felt water trickle down. Quickly went to the toilet and after the urine, water from another 'track' flowed down. Uh oh, it's confirmed, my waterbag really broke. Woke up the husband and then planned the next steps. Step 1 - finish packing the luggage. Step 2 - bathe while he concurrently go buy breakfast. Step 3 - eat breakfast. Step 4 - go to office and take my only pair of bathroom slippers which i would need for confinement. And btw also collected my laptop. Very systematic and composed.

Reached TMC at 8am, 3 hours after the waterbag broke. They put me at the observation ward, changed into the hospital gown, got strapped to the CTG machine to check baby's heartbeat and my contractions and the nurse checked how much i have dilated. I freaking hate this part! They would just insert their fingers into you to check the opening and it is darnnnnn painful. At 9am, i was only 0.5cm dilated and the cervix was still very high up. They contacted my gynae and he came down at 10am. As it has already been 5 hours since the waterbag broke and my dilation was so slow, he inserted a pill to soften the cervix. I was also given an antibiotics drip to protect the baby against infection. He told me that it looks like it would take a long time to deliver, probably midnight. At that time, i wasnt feeling any pain yet, just texting on the phone, playing games, surfing the net and basically feeling very calm. The pain that i felt was the tube on my wrist where they collected 3 tubes of blood from me for cord blood donation and the antibiotics drip.

The nurse subsequently said that it is time to poo. She inserted fluid in me and within 3 min, i felt the urge to go to the toilet. After letting go of everything, it continued to be a waiting game. At 1pm, 8 hours after the waterbag broke, i was only 1cm dilated. At 4pm, 11 hours later, they transferred me to the labour ward. By then, 3 other mums in the observation ward who came in later than me have already progressed to the next stage. I could feel the contractions at this stage already. It was very mild though, tolerable, like your usual menstrual cramp x2. But i eventually opted for epidural at 5pm cos i have already decided way before that i want this eventually. Then why not ask for it earlier for a painless labour experience. They say that opting for epidural may speed up dilation cos when the body is more relaxed, the cervix will open up faster. The jab for the epidural was like an ant's bite. After the jab, you could feel cold liquid dripping into your back and within 5 mins, i could no longer feel any contractions. They also inserted a tube into my urinary track because i could not get up to go to the toilet with the epidural jab.

At 6pm, 13 hours later, i was only 2cm dilated. The gynae asked them to insert oxytocin to my drip (another tube) to speed up the dilation. By then, i was feeling very tired and hungry already. But you cant really sleep as the nurses will keep coming into your ward to check on your blood pressure and monitor your progress. My last meal was at 6am and i cant be allowed to eat because if in the case i need a c-sec, i cant have undigested food in me. At 8pm, 15 hours later, i progressed to 3cm with no pain. I was there thinking that baby keath's birthday would be on 22 July, the next day. They however told me that baby's heartbeat was dropping and would need more oxygen. I was given an oxygen tube (5th tube in me) to be put into my nose. At 9pm, 16 hours later, the nurses suddenly came into the ward and said that the baby's heartbeat was dropping. It scared me as I worry about the safety of Keath. They then checked the dilation and said, ah no wonder, you are now 10cm and are ready to deliver. Omg, it was such a sudden news because I never expected myself to dilate 7cm in an hour.

They contacted the gynae and asked me to start pushing already. As I was on epidural, i could not feel any pain at all. But I could feel the pressure that is pushing downwards down there - it's like constipation, where you could feel smth down there? I experienced severe shivering from the epidural when I was at 10cm. It wasnt cold at all, but your muscles just couldnt control itself and your entire body shivered vigorously. I pushed for half an hour while shivering before the gynae came. He told me that the baby is facing the ceiling when the most ideal position is to face the floor. This would require more effort on me to push. After an hour of pushing, they could see the baby's head but the gynae said that the baby's heartbeat was dropping and he needs to come out asap. We then proceeded with an assisted delivery using forceps. I never knew that a labour would require so many people's assistance. I have darling behind me pushing my back forward, 2 midwives by my side pushing my tummy, me pushing downwards and the gynae pulling the baby out. A total of 5 people involved! It was very fast when the gynae used the forceps. And viola, Keath came out! Need to thank the gynae for his skills as there were no forcep marks on Keath at all.

What were my feelings when i first heard Keath's cries. To be truthful, i had no feelings, i was feeling very tired and my mind was in a blank. Both my legs were numb from the epidural and my entire body felt like jelly after delivery - i had zero energy. Gynae stitched me up while the midwives took the measurements of the baby with darling as the accompanying witness. I just stared blankly at whatever else was happening in the labour ward. At about 12 midnight, all of them left the room while leaving Keath with darling and i for a cuddle time. They put Keath on me and as I looked at him, i was like, how on earth did i carry this thing in my tummy for the entire 9 months. How on earth did i go through the entire labour process and deliver a human being?! It was unbelievable that I actually accomplished smth this big. They pushed me to the hospital ward at 12+pm and gave me a tuna sandwich. I was half awake and half asleep by then. Even though i was damn hungry, i couldnt swallow the sandwich as i felt too nauseous from the epidural. Fatigue overcame me and i fell asleep at 1+am after replying to all the messages on my phone.

The next day, i was awoken by the breakfast serving at 7+am. I still felt very tired at that time. Gynae checked on the stitches and the nurses removed the urinary tube. They asked me to get down the bed for a walk to the toilet so that they can show me how to clean the wound where the stitch is. At that time, i could already feel a bit of pain at the stitch after the epidural wore off. Legs no longer felt numb. However, i almost fainted when i reached the toilet! Omg, it was low blood pressure and sugar. Like a relapse of what happened at the mrt when i was 10 weeks preggy - my vision and hearing decreased to 20%. They gave me milo + sugar to drink and it took about 5 min for me to recover. They had to wheelchair me back to the bed as I still felt very weak then. I felt better after lying in bed and eating my breakfast.

You know, throughout the entire process, i didnt have much feelings that i was now a mother. It felt like a natural process with no surprises. But when my mum came to visit me, i suddenly felt emotional. She's the first person who came to visit me early in the morning (even earlier than the hubby) and she was so genuinely worried about me throughout. At that time, it dawned on me that that is what it takes to be a mother..

For the rest of the 2 days in the hospital, i spent the time breastfeeding and bonding with Keath, returning him to the nurses after i have fed him. When it came to the day of discharge and darling and i realised that we now have to handle him ourselves, we are on our journey to become parents to our dearest little one. The delivery process wasnt daunting at all. If you ask me, i could do it all over again. It is the taking care and worrying for the little one that requires more energy and effort. So here we are, stepping into the next milestone in our lives!


  1. Hi. Can you share the hospital bill by Ben choey at tmc?

  2. Hi, would you mind to share your hospital bill? How many bedded you choose?

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  4. Hi, from my memory, it is $7,800. Paid $3,500 from medisave and $4,300 cash. This is the price of a 4-bedded package (got free upgrade to 2-bedded using my gyane's name), natural assisted delivery with epi.