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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Whole new experience

Oh wow, it is a whole new experience. Motherhood is the most difficult task in the world! The first two weeks wheezed past with a blink of an eye. You cant say that maternity leave is a shiok period for the mother to rest because it is nothing like that! In the first two weeks, there are a lot of adjustments to be made to your life. It is a totally different way of life altogether!

What was done in these 2+ weeks:
1) Brought him to see the PD one week after birth. It was the first trip out after coming back and I was apprehensive cos I'm not sure how to take care of him outside - but luckily we had the nanny with us. Anw, PD tested him for jaundice and it turned out that he is just a level below the level that requires treatment. We brought him downstairs to sun in the morning to keep his jaundice level in check. After 2 weeks, the jaundice went down by itself.

2) Did a newborn photoshoot for him when he was 6 days old. Aww, just saw the pictures and they are super duper cute! We were so worried that it would be difficult to do the shoot cos it can only be done when the newborn is asleep. However, Keath was sooo cooperative and cute that day that he slept through the entire 2 hour session. The photographer (Mamamiyo who did our maternity shoot) just changed his clothes and put him into various positions for the shoot.

3) Went to the fengshui master and got his advice on Keath's chinese name. Based on his personality, we have in the end decided on 许展衡. We also asked about the baby shower for him. FS master asked us to avoid organising the baby shower in the lunar 7th month. We could however pray to the ancestors and shave his hair at the one month mark. With his chinese name, Darl went to ICA to officiate him as a singapore citizen. Collected the SG50 gift from the government.

4) Settled the insurance policy for him. We initially bought a Prudential life insurance plan for him when i was preggy. At that time, it insured me when I was pregnant. Now that he is born, the policy is meant to be transferred to him.

5) Started on the jamu massage. It was very shiok as I have not done massage for a long time. The masseur (Ida - 9424 9829) has been doing this for the past 21 years and she is professional. She checked my stitches before the massage and told me that she could not wrap me because there was one part which was still swollen. She advised me to see my gynae and soak myself in salt water for the wound to heal faster. Mum accompanied me to the gynae and he prescribed me antibiotics and also asked me to soak myself in salt water. At 2.5 weeks, she did the massage for me when the stitches were no longer painful. After the massage, i also began to regain the colour on my face and no longer looked pale.

6) Did 2 sessions of boob massage. Had to deal with engorgement. It was the most painful at day 4 after delivery as your milk starts coming in. Mdm Ida came to my rescue and unblocked the milk ducts and cleared the engorgement for me. But be warned, it is damn painful - imagine someone pressing hard on an area which is already sore plus delicate.

7) Hosting guests. The house was bustling with visitors in the initial weeks as parents/ parents in law/ friends/ colleagues came visiting. Thank you to all those who made an effort to come down and those who kept checking on me. Touched that people remb that this is the period when the mother also needs to be taken care of. I used to just focus on the baby when the baby is born and didnt realise that the mum is the one who needs to go through a whole new change in her life. I now know.

8) Got accustomed to the routine of frequent feeds. The main job scope for me now is to be a cow machine. I have to pump or latch him every 2-3 hourly. It is definitely not easy, especially when it comes to night feeds. I used to do pure latching and it really helped with the mother-son bonding. I just love looking at him when he feeds directly - the small reliable thing clinging onto you and you know that you can provide for him in the most comforting way. Then it got to a point where the PD said that he wasnt drinking enough and asked to bottle feed after latching. So it became a 50 latch-50 bottle thing for which feeding took a longer period of time. Then practicality came over me when i was overly-fatigued and I concluded that it may be better to just express everything out and bottle feed him. We have so much certainty now as we are assured that he was drinking enough.

I used to want to give him purely breastmilk because why not, when there is enough supply. But then they were saying that he may be too used to breastmilk and when i stop breastfeeding one day, he may not want to take any other milk. So now, we have changed the routine to giving him 1 formula feed out of the 8 feeds per day.

I used to take the hospital's advice to not bottle feed him when he is not latching as there may be nipple confusion when he latches. We tried spoon feeding and cup feeding as advised by the hospital but did not know how to do it well. In the end, we resorted to bottle feeding and was thankful that he was not confused on how he should suck. Many practices got to be changed along the way when you realise that it may not work.

9) Got accustomed to the lack of sleep. Gone were the days where you could have a stretch of 6 hours of sleep (sounds like it is too little? wait till you become a mum and you know that this is a luxury.) Must treasure the time when your CL is with you because you could still ignore the baby's cries in the middle of the night. Right now, i do put an alarm to wake myself up in the middle of the night to express milk but sometimes i just overslept. The outcome is that even though you could sleep a stretch of 4-6 hours, you will wake up with a very hard and overflowing breast. But im not complaining, i cant imagine the nights where we have to take care of him at night in future!

10) Got accustomed to the confinement food. I am really ok with eating every dish with ginger and sesame oil you know. Every meal, the CL cooks a veg, fish/ pork/ chicken and a soup for me. I have not gotten sick of the food yet. In fact, i could finish everything and I dont think i would ever get sick of it. I feel that i eat more healthily now as compared to the outside food that i used to eat.

11) Got accustomed to the routine lifestyle. I am actually ok with staying at home everyday, experiencing the routine lifestyle day by day. I dont crave going out as perhaps there is this resistance to change feeling in me? Plus, i dont know if i can handle him if i bring him outside now. I am very comfortable doing the same things at home for the little darling all the time. I dread the time when the CL leaves as there would be a change to the routine lifestyle that i would be experiencing. I didnt know that i am someone who is resistance to change until now.

12) Learning how to be a mother. There are so many things to learn and this is an ongoing process. I have tried changing his diapers and bathing him and they were tough. It looked easy when the CL did it for him but when i did it myself, i am slow and it is just not as smooth. Also now, whenever he cries, the CL seems to be able to coax him down and it is not as easy a task for me. Maybe cos i smell of milk and Keath just wants to drink when he gets near me?? But i know that raising a child is not just about making sure he eats, sleeps and poos as there are many more aspects to it. It will just get more difficult and complicated when your child grows up. I love looking at him everyday, be it when he is quietly sleeping, happily playing by himself (seldom) or crying his lungs out. I know i want to protect him and give him the best of everything. A part of me wants him to quickly grow up, but I know when that time comes, i would hope that time slows down and he be a mummy's boy forever. Am enjoying this whole new experience with much love!

I love his hair a lot - very shuai. Bu she de to shave his hair leh.
My lovable cutie pie!

The CL says that my boy has a lot of strength! At one week old, he is able to wriggle both his arms out of the swaddle cloth - she has not seen this in any babies before. Then at one+ week old, he is able to change his sleeping position 90 degrees! (his head was supposed to be on the blue towel but he turned 90 degrees to the right by himself.)

Seldom see him smile. Glad i got this pic!


  1. Hi, can I confirm Mdm Ida hp number. Cos seems like mine is 1 number different from yours. Thanks!

    1. Oops! Oh ya, the correct number is 9424 9829. Let me edit my post.

  2. I think I saw the correct number in your previous post when u book the massage. Thanks!

  3. Btw we actually use the same fengshui master(use him for my other 3kids too) other than the massage lady. We also got the same bb cot n bedding set from the same fair! I just bought Spectra 9+, hopefully it is gg to be in good use as it is my first time expressing milk. Nice ready your post!

    1. Hahaha, what a coincidence! Im using Spectra M1. Dont worry, Spectra is reliable!

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  5. Hi
    May I know what's the nanny name u get from pem?