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Friday, February 26, 2016

7 months and i smile when mummy is home

Keath is 7 months old. He is such a heart melt. I'm so glad he recognises who is mummy even though i only see him for 1+ hour every week night. Keath gives me a big smile whenever i reach my mil's house. He will then stretch out both his arms to signal to me to carry him. Awww, such a heart melter. Yea, wonder how he learnt that stretching arms = bao bao. Babies are so smart.

At 6+ months, he has learnt to follow your actions. We pat our laps, he will also follow to pat our laps. You do simple actions like throwing balls, he will also follow to throw. He is starting to want hugs and want us to carry him very often now. I am not the dont carry him or it will become a bad habit type. He is only a baby and he needs your warmth and love. He is so dependent on you for his survival emotionally and physically, so just give him all the love that he needs. When he grows up next time, you would surely miss the times when he is a baby. So, just enjoy all the little moments you have with him for he would soon turn 21 years old.

Other developments this month include being able to grab his feet and lifting it up (luckily he doesnt chew on his toes) and playing with floating toys in the bath tub. He doesnt really put his toys in his mouth. He prefers his fingers. Keath has a very weird behaviour of shaking his head left and right. It happens randomly regardless of whether he is sitting up, lying down or sleeping. But he is so cute when he does that.

He has established a routine for feeding and napping now and it is so much easier to take care of him already. Whenever he naps over the weekend, i could also nap. I could also put him down in the cot and pat him to sleep. No longer need to be a koala bear to rock and stick to me to sleep! And now that he could sit, you could just put him down and let him play on his own. No longer need to carry him all day long and keep him entertained cos he could play by himself (for a while). I enjoy every minute around him. As a mother, you now know what is giving without expecting any returns and what is you are happy when your child is happy. Keath is actually a very smiley baby and i cant get enough of looking at him :)

At 7th month, Keath offically crossed the 10kg mark. He is 10.1kg, above 97th percentile liao.

 With yiyi

I actually think that he is very cute even when he cries.

The trying to shit face

The minion outfit

With his cousin

I bucked up my courage and finally travelled out with him alone! To JP. He loves being in the carrier - it was smooth. He fell asleep way before his nap time in the carrier. Only thing is that it is no joke carrying a 10kg around for a few hours.

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