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Monday, April 4, 2016

8 months and i crawl backwards

Keath is no longer stationary when he is on his tummy! At 8 months, he can turn 360 degrees while on his tummy, with his stomach as the pivot. He can also move backwards cos when he is on his tummy, he pushes himself using his hands. He also sprouted 2 more teeth at the top, having a total of 4 teeth already. Keath likes to be held in a standing position now. Both his feet can also be placed flat against the surface, taking the weight of his body now. He also likes to bounce when held in a standing position.

Other developments include being able to pass objects from one hand to the other, responding to his name, supporting his body weight with one arm while on his tummy. Keath also recognizes that it is mam mam time when you hold a bowl in front of him. He also grabs your hands when you don't respond to him after he opens his arms for you to carry him!

Having a baby is such a wonderful experience. I just want to kiss him whenever I carry/ hug him. Their skin is so smooth, the look on their eyes is so innocent, the love you feel when they show all the body language that they need you, they do not have bad breath even after long hours of sleep, they are just so so pure! I love it when he smiles at me in the immediate moment when he wakes up from the nap - it's like being able to let him know that i was by his side even when he slept. Loves it when his little hand touches my face and hair when I feed him. Even though it is tiring, i love it when I know that he needs me to calm him down when he fusses.

I just want to end every work day and quickly go home to see him. Awww. Pictures for the month.

Messy because I put my hand inside my mouth filled with food.

Emoji :(

He hates cutting hair! Cry everytime we bring him for a haircut.

When your baby is sleeping in the carrier and you want to use that time to have a quiet dinner - make sure you protect his hair from crumbs with a tissue paper!


Cheeks as round as the balloons!

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