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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

11 months - i walk with support and cling on to mama

Keath is 11 months old today. He can now cruise around while holding on to furniture. Quite steady already, wont fall backwards when he is standing up. Enjoy the times when he still cant walk yet. I can foresee how tough it would be taking care of him when he starts walking!

Another thing which I don't know whether I should be happy or not is that he is super clingy to me now. Super super clingy. If I'm alone taking care of him at home, I really cannot do anything. He will crawl towards me, stand up and grab my legs. I cant go anywhere or do anything else except to carry him up and play with him. Ok I have decided, I should be happy about this. There would be a time when he says 'go away mum', so I better treasure the time when I'm his everything now.

He has also mastered the technique of drinking water from a straw cup. More and more grown up already! More updates via pictures.

Brought him to swim for the first time at Safra Jurong. He had a good time splashing the water and trying to catch the water streams that are flowing out from the sides.

Love the swimsuit, so cute!

1 out of the 2 rented toys that we rented for 2 weeks. He has learnt smth new - instead of throwing the balls like he always do, he has learnt how to place the ball into the track to see it roll down.

This is a view that only I will see. Keath in his tula carrier.

Happy smart boy!

A visit to the Singapore Art Museum. He enjoyed it!

Brought him to the underwater world and he was like whatever.

Parents in law went to genting for 3 days and we took leave to take care of Keath. As I had to return to my company for a presentation, Alv had to take care of Keath alone. It was his first time being with Keath alone for an hour. I was worried Alv couldn't handle Keath, but he said he wasn't. So, I made sure Keath was in his most optimal condition (i.e. freshly woken up from his nap) before depositing the 2 boys in the indoor playground that is at the basement of my office building. Luckily my meeting was only 1 hour and Keath was ok with his dad at the playground mainly cos everything was new and exciting to explore. And that he just woke up from his nap. If you ask me again, I would still be worried for Alv to take care of him alone.

Cling on to mama son, cling on.

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