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Saturday, October 29, 2016

15 months and i can walk :)

Our little boy can now walk. Aww, he has grown so much. From a newborn who just lies on the bed to a walking toddler, it has been so much joy watching him grow up. And now that he has mastered the skill of walking, he does not like to be in the stroller anymore. But might as well, less things to bring when we go out. So have to make sure that he takes his nap before we go out. This month, he has also officially dropped his 2nd nap and is just taking 1 nap a day. Just nice for him to go childcare cos the playgroup only lets them nap once. Keath is all set for school!

What has the little boy learnt this month:
- Go to the bedside table to on the lights when he wakes up
- Go to the tissue box and take out a piece of tissue to wipe his mouth when instructed
- Pat his head when we say shang nao jin
- Walk backwards with support
- Bring our hand to the things he wants us to do for him. Eg when he wants to open a box and cant do it himself. Or when he wants to touch a cat but is scared to touch it himself, he will bring your hand towards the cat haha.
- Knows how to nod. Previously only shake his head.
- Learnt how to do the thumbs up sign after eating smth good, but the second finger also comes up. So it's a L sign :D
- Can indicate if he wants to sleep.
- Understand that he cannot beat people, can only sayang.
- Feed you with finger food
- Understand what is a car, bus, bicycle, chair, watch, pig, duck
- Recognise daddy's car
- Know that one has to wait and stand still on a escalator
- Understand what is wearing and taking off clothes and shoes
- Understand that if he poos, the diaper needs to be changed and would let you change
- Have songs that he particularly likes
- Can say papaya (paya), fish (ish), momo,

Not bad an achievement son!

Awww, love this a lot. Keath at 2 days old and 14.5months old. I love to see his sleeping face. Just want to muack muack him!

Don't you try to take my ball!

Yes mummy, why must take photo at the pool?

So I was saying that my boy has thick black neat smooth hair. Anybody needs a model for your shampoo pls contact me.

Free play at national gallery

Don't take picture liao la!

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