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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

17 months and i go to infant care

Keath goes to school loh! We wanted to start him in playgroup when he is 18 months old but there is no space. The PCF sparkletots at mil's place however has a space at the infant side. So if you enroll him in infant, you can auto be promoted to playgroup. So yea, we decided to put him to infant care. It has been 3 weeks and I would say that Keath is still adapting.

He's still crying everytime he sees the teacher come get him. But the crying period is getting shorter now. He's not eating the lunch there sometimes, poor baby, must be feeling very sad. And then there is also the showerhead he has to get used to. We still bathe him in a bath tub at home and he isn't used to showering with a shower head. So he cries badly everytime the teachers bathe him, especially when they wash his hair cos the water will enter his eyes. And then he needs to get used to sleeping at another location. He's still not there for full day yet, we are slowly put him there longer each week.

Are there any behavioural changes in him after he goes to school? An obvious one is that he no longer ask to go out! Yea, he used to keep wanting to go downstairs, go out but now, I think he's scared that he will be brought to school. Another change is that he can now play by himself longer at home instead of having us to paly with him. When he is outside with other kids, he now interact and play with them! While we cant bear to see him cry in school, we are also delighted to see him learn new things! For eg when we sing some nursery rhymes, we suddenly see him dance with some hand gestures! So kawaii~

Other than the school, there are also some things that he learnt this month.
- He has learnt to be fair! When he kisses daddy, he will turn to kiss mummy :):):)
- Cos daddy's car always has the beep sound when it reverses to park, he will also say beep beep beep when he drives his own car when he goes backwards.
- He recognizes whose phone is whose! PIL, alv and I all use iPhones. When we put all 4 phones tog, he will look at the back cover of our phones and recognize whose phone is whose!
- He understands that he needs to wear clothes. Cos whenever he is naked, he will smile awkwardly, pat his tummy and say eee.
- He knows how to whisper
- He can multi-task by blowing whistle and playing with 2 balls
- When he hears that we tell other ple that we are going home already, he will automatically wave goodbye to them
- When he sees me in toilet, he will make the straining sound hahah. and pull the toilet paper for me.
- His favourite questions now are where is mummy, where is daddy
- We don't know why, but this month, he suddenly become very guai when he's in the car. He used to be a terror in the car, moving around, digging out stuff from the various compartments. But he became an angel this month. We hope it will continue this way!

Took many wefies this month!

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