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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

18 months and i still cant get used to school after 2 months!

It has been almost 2 months since Keath went to school and he is still crying whenever he reaches school! There already has been improvement though. He used to refuse to get out of the house, cry on the way to school, but now, he can hold his cries until the very moment he reaches school and the teacher come bring him in. He will then wail very loudly when mil leaves. Another thing is that he doesn't really eat lunch in school. He loves to eat one, how can don't eat lunch.

Then just nice, another childcare centre near my mil's place, Little Footprints called to say that they have a place and asked whether we are still interested. Considering that he has not adapted to PCF after 2 months and that he would have to change to a toddler class in PCF and adapt to another new environment in Feb, we decided to just withdraw him from PCF. We have signed him up for Little Footprint in Mar. Let him hang around at home for one month before we start all over again. I don't think it is PCF's problem cos he smiles whenever I mention the teachers and his freiends' names and he will nod his head when you ask if he wants to go to school (but cry when he is there). I think it's more that the infant programme doesn't suit him. Hopefully this time round, he adapts faster with the different programmes and toddler friends.

Keath is 1.5 years old already. He has learnt these this month:
- Say tang (soup), rou (meat), two, three, four
- Takes a pen to scribble on paper
- Able to maneuver forward when driving his car
- Recognise whose shoes are whose
- Associate school with mil and his school bag
- Associate me with his bag when we go out (daddy cannot carry the bag)
- Can walk up and down one step without help
- Has his own preference when choosing a pair of shoes/ sandals when he goes out
- Squeak when he is excited
- Makes funny face when he knows that the camera is targeting him
- Pretend to sleep
- Point to his diaper when he poos
- Ask us to saying the scar on his knees (he fell down)
- Frequently asks for milk
- Likes to use his fingers to press on my nails. Super weird but his daddy likes to do this too! He says the feeling is very shiok?!

Photo album:

My emo boy

Us at Christmas party!

Opening his Christmas present!

Cutie pie!

Keath at a wedding lunch

Cheeky boy!

Sweet dreams

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