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Thursday, March 2, 2017

19 months and i have changed school

And so, Keath was chilling at home for one month before he got admitted to Little Footprints. During the one month, he gained weight as he eats and eats at home. He went out with his grandparents via the train and the bus. He watched lots of youtube. Sounds like what a jobless man would do before he gets into a next job. It has been 3 days since he went to his new school. I accompanied him on his first day and I would say that it is very different from PCF's infant class. Given that it is now a PG class, they have a lot more activities, indoor and outdoor and it keeps the children engaged all the time. The food is also more flavourful given that they cook it for all the children up till K2. Keath has been so far so good over there. Even though he cries in the morning when we drop him, he is otherwise ok in school, eats and sleeps there. But he will still be hysterical when they shower him cos he is scared of the showerhead (we are still using the bath tub at home) and when they brought him to play sand yest! Hahha, he has not played with sand before, maybe he is scared of it or smth. What I like about this school is that they will take a photo of him when he checks in and out of the school. I find myself refreshing the inbox nearing check in/out time to get an update of him. I hope he adapts well to this school and will no longer cry when we drop him off at school. Update the next month!

This month, he:
- Can say bao bao (carry), fix, six, gugu (alv's sis), gor gor, jie jie, yaya (for toothbrush), dan (egg), dian ti (lift), blue, black, purple, bubble, baby, woh woh (dog), noon ney (boon lay hahah)
- Can open the car door himself. whenever alv parks the car, he will open the door for me haha
- Recognises my mum and dad's cars and their carkeys
- Can unlock the car using the carkeys
- Keeps trying to self-feed
- Omg horror, can identify which is the youtube app, press on it and look for the videos he wants to watch, will change video when he gets sick of the one he is watching and can even press the skip ad button when it pops out. Seriously 19 mths??
- Points to his diaper when he poos
- When he cries and you don't console him, he will bring your hand to his head to signal to you to sayang him (awww :D)
- Recognises a taxi, a clinic (will cry hysterically the moment we enter a doctor's room) and a hairdresser (will cry hysterically the moment we enter the place
- Can locate exactly where is my mil's letterbox!
- Go up the stairs and down the slide himself
- Claps when you say he is lihai
- Pretends to give you smth when he doesn't want to give you the real thing
- Takes off his sandals by himself!
- Blows a candle
- Will suddenly turn to you and kiss your lips/ cheeks (awww :D)

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