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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

21 months and i now love school!

Yayy, Keath has finally adapted to school. Hahah, I don't know whether it is a coincidence or that it really is through divine intervention, cos Keath only adapted to school after my parents got an amulet for him. Miraculously, his crying got lesser and lesser and finally stopped 3 days after he got the amulet. And now, he no longer rejects going to school. He can walk to school himself (instead of being carried) and can just carry his own bag and walk to his own class. So proud of you my lil baby! This month, Keath can:

- Say no more, cai (veg), yu (fish), papaya, kai (open), gai (close), clock, frog, chuan (boat),chuang (bed), fishball, book, bear, yun (cloud), ku (shorts), and basically understands most of the things we say.
- He will cover his face when he knows he has done smth wrong
- Starting to want to sit in stroller when we go out, but for a while only (better than don't want)
- Very happy when we go back to our boon lay home
- Seems to be growing the last 4 teeth at the back but stopped salivating and touching those teeth after a week.
- His memory is better already. Can remb when you promise him smth but is not done.
- Hugs you immediately when he beats you. He knows it is wrong to beat people, but I guess he just cant control himself.
- Will smile for the camera when we take a selfie.
- When he sees others sitting in those car rides, he wont fight for it, will just wait. When we tell him that others want to sit, he will just come down and let them sit :)
- Super clingy to mummy. I need to carry him and his bag. I need to be the one pushing the stroller. I need to be the one to follow him everywhere in the house. Even worse when he is sick, super koala bear.
- Hates swimming
- Is able to reason with you already! There was once he didn't want to wear his t-shirt. I told him you see, mummy and popo are wearing t-shirt, you also must wear. Then he said 'gong gong', cos fil wasn't wearing one! Sometimes you just cant outtalk kids huh.
- Likes to drink soup by the bowl instead of using the spoon.

Cute lil feet

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