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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

22 months and i can now put a verb and noun together

Every month I look at Keath, I feel that he has grown up a bit more. This month, his language skills have improved significantly. Previously he was only able to say what the various objects are (noun), but this month, he is able to express himself by combining a verb/adjective together with the noun or basically having longer speeches. Sometimes there are words that he says which we didn't teach him - must have picked it up from school! I'm so proud of my lil boy.

- For eg, things like bye bye bus, sit here/there, baby's car etc. New words include shopping, shuo shi, jian dao, yes, no, apple, pear, colours like red, white, blue, black, purple, yellow, green, pink, nice, teacher, lao shi, sha (sand), shui (water), ma (wipe)
- But we can also see that his terrible two is starting. He is getting really frustrated and would throw tantrums when he cant do things himself or if we cant understand him. When he is at that phase, nothing you say works. Need to wait for him to stop crying before everything makes sense to him again.
- When he cries and if I don't do anything, he will either take tissue for me to wipe his tears or take my hand to his head and say 'sayang'. hahahah
- He is able to associate the watch to going out. So if we go out, he will ask us to wear his watch for him.
- Loves singing! Will randomly sing and dance around at home but we don't know what he is singing.
- Doesn't like sad stories. When there are sad storyline in the book, he will quickly turn the page away.
- When he wants to kaypoh, he will put his hand behind his back and walk around. so cute leh!
- Is able to play with intonation already. When he is unhappy, his intonation will go up. mum-myyyy
- Always eager to wear his shorts by himself
- He is no longer scared of cutting hair! This is such a big relief. In the past, going to the salon was a crying and carrying him throughout affair. Miraculously this month, he was able to sit on the car chair by himself and let the hairdresser cut his hair without moving!!
- He is also able to sit in the stroller for a longer period of time already. Last time it was at best 15min, this time round, he was ok even after being in it for 45min!
- Keath can also play by himself for a longer period of time now. You don't have to be beside him all the time.
- He will either give a guilty expression when he does smth wrong, or pretend to pluck smth from somewhere and put it inside his mouth to cover up his wrongdoings. Hahha, cuttee.
- When I stop patting him to sleep cos I fell asleep or smth, he will take my hand and do the patting action on himself hahaa. ok, then I will wake up to continue patting.
- Last but not least, when I tell him that I love him, he will come and hug me. Awwww, applies to mummy only. When daddy says this, he will say 'mai mai' (hokkien). Oops.

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