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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

23 months and i sleep through the night! (50% of the time)

Finally, finally Keath can sleep through the night! Haha, well sort of. He is usually ok when he is at our place. There would be occasionally whining in the middle of the night, but he can settle himself back to sleep on his own bed. But seems like this happens less frequently at mil's house. He sleeps through sometimes, but would still wake up for milk at her place. But I would say that this is a good progress! Just in time for the little one right :)

I would generally say that Keath is a good boy. Even though he bullies me all the time, he is still generally a good boy. He is not someone who will climb all over the place, doesn't shout, doesn't anyhow run when we are outside and lets you hold his hand/ sit in pram or let you carry. When he sees toys in say kiddy palace, he wont ask you to buy unless you say so. When he sees those rides in shopping malls being occupied by other kids, he wont fight to go up with them. When he is on those rides and other kids are waiting for their turn, he will come down and let them go for their turn. He sits through dinner with us without fussing or wanting to come down and walk around. Keath is such a lovely boy. There are times when he throw tantrums and cries for the slightest reason, but I would take it that he is going through some difficult internal struggle of growing up and internalizing the right from the want. And he just generally cries more easily when I am around. This month,

- He can say his own English and Chinese name. Haha, but pronunciation not accurate. Become Ti Toh and Zan Neng
- You can see him proposing alternatives to what you say. For eg when fil told him that he is not working anymore, how, no income, Keath would say daddy is working. (Keath doesn't know or believe or want me to work. Only daddy can go to work.)
- You can see him interpreting everyday actions that you do to the next line of activity. For eg, when he sees me removing makeup, he will say that mummy is going to bathe. And he leaves me alone to go bathe.
- He loves his own bed and will by default sleep there now. Luckily it didn't take us too much trouble to transit him over.
- His memory is prolonged already. Can remb things you tell him from the night before. For eg, we told him that we are going to the zoo the night before and he rembs once he wakes up in the morning!
- He can sit through buffets! Haha, yes he can sit there for 1.5 hours while we eat (and he eats) and wouldn't fuss. Definitely not someone with short attention span when it comes to food.
- He recognizes the bump on me and knows that there is a didi inside.
- He associates certain things with daddy and mummy. Like when he finishes his milk, he will get up from his bed and pass his bottle to me even though daddy is just beside him (keath's bed is beside alv rather than at my side). When his toys are spoilt or when there are insects around, he will look for daddy.

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